How my hobby became a profession.

Bandonion and Concertina maker.

My wife Riny and me in our studio    


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  It all started about 26 years 
 ago when I bought my first
 It looked very bad, and I tried to
 bring it back into
playing condition.
 After some time I succeeded ,
 and I wanted to learn to play it.

  My interest in the bandonion 
 technique grew and soon a 
 second opportunity to purchase another  one presented itself.  
 This one also was in need of repair.
 Repairing became a self-learning process.

Soon I started to produce new parts myself. Because no information on bandonion repair was available at that time, I was forced to learn as I went on.
By examining the instruments for production marks, and dissembling  parts of old bandonions I  extracted a lot of information.
Lateron I  produced bellows, actions, buttons etc.. In 1987  I produced my first completely new bandonion, on which I still play every day.

With every bandonion I built, my skills increased.
Disciplines involved in producing a bandonion are metal/woodworking, tuning, French polishing,

Since about 3 years now also my wife Riny has joined in , making bandonion bellows and also producing many of the endless number of  parts needed for constructing our bandonions and concertina

" Old" restored (Heinrich Band)                 and, our new production

We wish you a healthy and good 2010 !!

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