One of our 48 key English concertina       

48 tone treble in rosewood ( Rio Palissander) veneer , French polished

sound file 1 of the Geuns concertina, played by W.Wakker.
You're listening to:
"Morceaux no.1"
(fragment) by Richard Blagrove, composed in 1850 for solo concertina

sound file 2 of the Geuns concertina, played by W.Wakker.
You're listening to:
"Cat on the prowl"
(from Jazz Menagerie) by Stephen Jackman

 for comparison Wheatstone metal ended treble concertina from 1906 (Wheatstones best period) played by W.Wakker.
sound file 3  Preludio (openings measures) from Partita no.3 (BWV1006) by J.S. Bach.

The objective was to offer a high quality instrument at a reasonable price, to fill the gap between the top quality (high priced) vintage instruments, and the bottom of the gamma.
A combination of historical examples, modern construction methods and materials result in a top quality instrument.

The interior of the instrument differs slightly from traditionally built concertinas.
The main challenge in constructing an English model concertina with accordion type reeds, is the space needed for the 24 reed frames for each side.
We succeeded in making a compact instrument measuring only 17 cm (6-6/8") across.
The design of the reed pan is unique. All 24 reed frames and the action are mounted directly on both sides of the hardwood maple reed pan.

We believe this is the only high quality English model using modified accordion type reeds. Although there is a small difference in sound between our concertina and the traditionally built instruments, this does not necessarily constitute a difference in quality. The instrument is very bright and fast.

The bellows for this instrument are made by the Concertina Connection. They are identical to the traditional concertina bellows, and are offered in  five or optional six folds.
The Concertina Connection uses the finest quality leather, tested for impurities, air tightness and the use natural glues.
The standard color is black.

The standard finish of the instruments in either jet black or rosewood veneer.
The instrument shown above has slightly colored acajou veneer.
Optional: other luxory veneers.

above: 48 tone treble in amboyna veneer , French polished

below: 30 tone Anglo in "bird's eye maple"veneer , French polished 

The action of our concertina is probably its most impressive feature.
Similar to top Wheatstone instruments, we use a riveted action, eliminating all side movements ,which makes the action very quiet, smooth and fast.

We also produce an English 48 tone model baritone , as well as the 30 tone Anglo concertina

Because the production costs for accordion type reeds are only a fraction of those for traditional concertina reeds, a Geuns concertina can be produced a lot cheaper without loss of quality.

English Concertina  48 button               basic price Euro  2540*
Baritone English Concertina 48 button basic  price Euro  3270*
Anglo  Concertina  30 button                basic price  Euro  2360*

 Includes a custom made carrying case made to our order in Italy.

The Geuns concertina is warranted against defects in material or workmanship for a period of five years.


Low priced  starters concertinas models: English treble "Jacky" and baritone "Jack" 

Low priced  starters model  Anglo concertina "Rochelle"


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