Harry Geuns  Bandonions          

     (picture)Bandonion 142 - tone bi-sonoric

above model 2006/2007  Rio Palissander ( " rosewood" ) finish

above : model 2006/2007  yet black finish                       Bellows "Gustav Marble"  paper -reprint .

(picture)Bandonion 142 - tone bi-sonoric
Finished in "rosewood" veneer (Rio Palissander) French polished.

Dimensions    :   height 23,5 cm
                           depth  26,5 cm
                           length 40,0 cm

Weight            :  5,5 kg.

Finish             :All models ,frensh polished
                          black,or pallissander(rose-
                          wood) veneer
                       *  Option  ;luxory veneers to the order. 
Buttons           :traditional made in white or black with
                         nacre eye inlay(white Makassar

Reeds              *traditional "long" reedplates
                          zinc or aluminum plates and paralel shaped reeds

Bellows          : standard 3 x 5 folds   ,2 bellow-
                         frames and handmade
"toothed" edges 
                       * Option ; traditional made bellows with
                                "Gustav" marble papers(design of the twenties)
                                        Price:  + Euro 300,-


above: left. vintage gold design papers      right."Gustav Marble" paper, reprint

Carrying case: very stable plywood case upholstered
                         inside (included in total price)

Softbags: extra upholstered super light,extra outer fibre layers
against sharp object impacts ! 

Tuning : a1  442 Hz.
    Option :  tuning specified.

student bandonion

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