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Howdy ASL Fanatics!
Another AAR from across the pond.  My worthy opponent,  , promised me wine, women and song if I would write an AAR after each match and I said "Heck Yes!!"  Still haven't seen the wine, women or the song yet.  For those of you who are not in the loop, John and I are playing a Chronology of War Campaign via VASL PBeM.  Certainly a massive undertaking but a lot of fun.  Also gives you an idea of what my social life is like ..(LOL).  Ok, I'm not a comic so I will keep my day job.  Anyway, on with the AAR. 
PBP 21 "Raiders Of The Chaco"
An 8 turn scenario set in Paraguay in January 1933.  Forces are Paraguayan (me) and Bolivian (John).  A fun scenario with the Bolivian forces attacking a Paraguayan salient around the small settlement of Nanawa, Paraguay in January 1933.  Boards 3 and 36 are used in this scenario.  Initial onboard forces for both sides are fairly even but John has 6 Elite Calvary squads and two 75 Art (drawn by wagons) pieces arriving on turn 1 so certainly a daunting challenge for the defender.  I have 5 squads and a Hero scheduled to arrive on turn 4.  John must score 26CVP to win with the majority of those points being the border outpost, trench's and the roadblock. John can also gain CVP's by kindling buildings (all bldg's are wooden) and taking prisoners.  My defense is centered around a border outpost (Overlay X6 in 3J4) and two adjacent trench's.  I also placed a squad in 3I10 for flank protection and three squads with a 7-0 in the M9 woods area.  Place a few squads in the woods around 3N1 to move into position to place fire on the board 36 hill if John decided to move mounted Calvary onto the top of the hill and a HMG, 347, Crew, in 3J2.
Turns 1-2
John is on the attack!  John attacks from 4 directions simultaneously:  calvary and Art Guns in on the 36G6 road heading for Hill 526, crews/mmg's to 3H2 with infantry around 3H4, infantry around the roadblock and infantry units towards the 3M9 woods.  Needless to say, I'm cutting 'em down with HMG fire from 3J2, HMG fire from the border outpost and the squad in 3I10.  I should note that the Roadblock must set up in 3H5/G6 and that provides John some protection.  With the exception of the border outpost and trench units, I conduct a delay and fall back defense.
Turns 3 - 5
John gets his Art pieces onto hill 526 but makes a crucial error.  He moves one of the wagons in LOS of my HMG's before unhooking the gun and my HMG's take out one of the wagons (with Art and crew).  A hugh advantage to me in the latter part of the match.  Seems that John's broad attack strategy might be failing him as I am able to stop his attack in the area of 3I10 and shift forces to the center of the board.  John also decides to dismount his calvary on hill 526 (another move that benefitted me in the end game) and that really helped me in my defense.  Dismounting early allowed me to concentrate all my forces in the upfront defense of the border outpost and trench's.
Turn 6 - 8
Even with all the death and destruction I was causing, John finally gets forces into the border post and this is where the scenario really picked up steam!  John was able to move is remaining Art piece into position to place fire on the border outpost and that provided John with the support he needed to start placing pressure on the valiant Paraguayan defenders in the border outpost. Snipers were also very active during turns 6 and 7. There is continous CC with the border post and trenches changing hands in turns 6 and 7.  John had tried to move his dismounted calvary units into the 3N2 bldg but HMG's cut 'em down before I lost my HMG's.  At the end of John's turn 8, he is in control of the border outpost, one trench, a Melee in the other trench and a 447 calvary unit in Melee with three of my squads in 3N2 .. John's total CVP's 25 (18 VP worth of Prisoners) .. one more CVP to win.
Paraguayan Turn 8:
I survive the Defensive Fire,  win the CC in the trench and CR his 447 in the 3N2 bldg and survive his CC counterattack.  Victory for the Paraguayans by one point!!
Summary:  I think the  broad front attack strategy is ok if the Boloivian is not too agrressive in the early turns.  John was a bit too aggressive in his early moves and I was able to do a lot of damage early in the match that certainly hurt him in the end game.  I think dismounting the calvary early was an error.  I think the calvary units need to move further into the rear of the Paraguayan defense to stretch it even further and also to have units in place to start kindling those wooden buildings for VP's.  Believe it is imperative that the Bolivian player has to get at least one of the ART Pieces in play by turn 2. Accomplish this with bringing the Art piece in on A5 , unhooking in F6 and push the Art to G6.  Has limited Smoke but can bring Art fire onto the border outpost early and the roadblock provides protection.  John never got the DC into play to eliminate the roadblock.  Appeared that John was going to try and place the DC into the border outpost.  A fun scenario to play.  Having victory hinge on the final CC is why we play this marvelous game we call ASL!!
Cheers from the States -


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