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[In aanbouw]

        A Victory for early Polish armor.Poland, 15 August 1920

______________________AAR by Pierce___________________________________


Hi John,
Good scenario here.  Have played one other from the Fanatic Pack and it was well balanced too.  On a scale of 1-5 for enjoyment, I would have to say this was a 5.  For difficulty, probably a 3. 
My impression on a Russian setup ... I would probably use a delay and fall back defense.  A small force up front to delay and then fall back to one of the last two buildings ... EE7 or CC6 and make a defensive stand.  Got to keep Polish forces out of CC6 before turn 6.  The way you were spread out, I concluded (successfully) that I would be able to conduct a two prong assault simultaneously.  Without the rowhouse bars, those are individual building hexes and don't count as a multihex building.  Don't believe that the Russians have the firepower to stand toe-to-toe with the Polish forces.  Losing the MMG early really hurt you in the end game.  Good match though.
Question on SON 3.  I know you have probably told me but I lose track sometimes.  Might help if I wrote the information down.  In my OOB, I have 347 Eritrean squads.  Do I use Axis counters for those?



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