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The Canary Islands were conquered by the Kingdom of Castille during the 1400s. Almost a century will past between the conquest of Lanzarote, in 1402, and Tenerife's, in 1496.

The island of La Palma was the last but one to be conquered, in 1492. By then, the Kingdoms of Castille and Aragon had Isabel of Castille and Ferdinand of Aragon, the Catholic Monarchs, as common Sovereigns.

Juana, heiress of both Kingdoms, married the son and heir of Emperor Maximilian, Philip the Beau. At the same time, the Catholic Monarchs conquered Granada, the last stronghold that the Muslims had in Spain; and Christoph Columbus, commanding the Castilian ships, discovered America. All these pieces came into place to form the Spanish Empire. Juana and Philip's son, Charles I of Spain and V of Germany, inherited not just the Spanish kingdoms and the right to be elected as Head of the Holy Roman Germanic Empire. He also received from his father Austria, the Duchy of Burgundy, and many other European countries. Among them, the County of Flanders, the Duchy of Brabant, the County of Holland, the Duchy of Luxemburg, the Lordship of Maastricht, the Counties of Namur and Hainaut... The "Netherlands" (Pays Bas).

That meant that, when La Palma was conquered, tradesmen and potential settlers from far lands, like Flanders, had the same Sovereign than the Canaries: Emperor Charles. Even in the years before his accesion to the throne, his parents' marriage opened the way to easy economic, social and familiar relations between both territories.

Monteverde - GroenenbergGROENENBERG - MONTEVERDE, from Köln (Cologne, Germany) and Antwerpen (Antwerp)Cologne

The proof is that about 1500, immediately after La Palma's conquest, a tradesman from the city of Antwerp, Jacome GROENENBERG, was clever enough to guess the economic possibilities offered by the island. He bought lands there, established sugar plantations, and built the ingenios (sugar factories) of Tazacorte and Argual. Jacome and his family came to the island, but they also brought with them staff, servants and associates. They opened an important naval traffic between Flanders and the islands. Among many other reminders of this special relation, we have still nowadays the most traditional and characteristic handicraft of La Palma island: lace and openwork embroidery, which of course came from Flanders. As well as so many religious images for churches, altarpieces, furniture, paintings, fabrics, music and fashions. And also some surnames, which are taken as "genuine" La Palma family names: MONTEVERDE, the direct translation into Spanish of GROENENBERG (Green Mount).

Jacome GROENENBERG, whose grandchildren were already called MONTEVERDE, was our ancestor. Although he came from Antwerp, he was born in Cologne (Germany), where he married. We know his parents' names, Gobert and Elichea. It seems they were from a German family, the GRÜNENBERG, whose surname was adapted first to Dutch (Flemish) and then to Spanish in just three generations. We know not very much from the Grünenberg's origin, but some informations tell that they came from Silesia, a country which was German during centuries and is part of Poland since 1945.

Jacome, already living in La Palma, had trouble with the Inquisition. This powerful organization, which cared for the religious-ideological pureness, prosecuted him for "his negligence on religious matters". He was accused of undermining the value of certain sacraments, as well as of the compulsory attendance to mass on Sundays, celibacy of the priests, etc... Prosecution was opened by the Inquisition in the Canary Islands, but the sentence was passed by the Court of the Inquisition in Seville. He had to take part in a procession or "auto de fe", to pay a fine of 10% of his heritage, and he had to stay for a whole year in a convent of Seville. He died in this city.

Van DaleVAN DALE - VANDALA, from Antwerpen (Antwerp)Antwerp

Jacome's son, Melchor "the Old" GROENENBERG, married Maria VAN DALE, member of another merchant family of Antwerp. Maria's father, Pauwel VAN DALE, and her grandfather, Arnout VAN DALE, were Knights of the City of Antwerp. Arnout was awarded by Emperor Charles V as member of the Nobility.  Pauwel was Echevin (counselor or deputy mayor) of Antwerp, and Lord of Grevensbroek. But Arnout's grandfather, Jan VAN den DALE, the most ancient ancestor we know in this branch, was just a well-to-do merchant, a mersier (haberdasher) in Antwerp.

The VAN DALE linked to the MONTEVERDE not just through marriage, but also through business. They became the owners of the sugar plantations and factories in La Palma, and originated the VANDALA family, a Spanishlike form of their surname.


Pablo de MONTEVERDE y VAN DALE, Melchor and Maria's son, married María de GUISLA y SALGADO, and thus he brought into the kinship two other Flemish families: the GUISLA, and the VAN de WALLE. María de GUISLA's father was Diego de GUISLA VAN de WALLE. Diego's father, Balthasar GHISELIN, was born in Ypres (Flanders, now Belgium). His family was owner of the Lordships of Henthove (Flanders) and Busbeke (then in Flanders, now Bousbecque, in Northern France). Balthasar's grandfather, Gilles GHISELIN, was gentleman-in-waiting of Charles Le Temeraire (the Bold), who was -among other titles- Duke of Burgundy, Count of Flanders and Duke of Brabant. Gilles fought at the side of his Sovereign in the Battle of Nancy (1477), where the Duke was killed. Gilles' grandfather, also named Gilles GHISELIN, is the most ancient ancestor we know in this branch. The GHISELIN of la Palma became the GUISLA, a Spanish version of their surname as it is pronounced in French.
The traditional GUISLA genealogy known in the Canary Islands has been corrected with the information graciously offered by Mrs. Van Waesberghe, which is based on original Flemish sources.

VAN de WALLEVAN de WALLE - VANDEVAL, from BruggeBrugge

Concerning Diego de GUISLA VAN de WALLE's mother, Catalina VAN de WALLE TORRES y GRIMÓN, she was a lady from La Palma who was the daughter of another Flemish gentleman, Georges VAN de WALLE y VAN PRAET, of the VAN de WALLE family, from Brugge (Flanders).  Louis VAN de WALLE y VAN PRAET, 12th Lord of Van de Walle and Lembeke, and his brother Georges, came to Spain in the service of Emperor Charles I of Spain and V of Germany. Both were Army men. Louis, the firstborn, was Army Governor of La Palma island and Fieldmarshall of the Infantry. Georges also settled in the Canaries and he married in Tenerife Catalina de TORRES y GRIMÓN.  During the past twelve generations, the VAN de WALLE had been Lords of Van de Walle and of Lembeke (Flanders). They all had the title of knights and the treatment of "Messire", and they were members of the aristocracy of the beautiful Flemish "city of canals", Brugge. Among them were two Bourgmestre (mayor), two treasurers, and several echevin (counselors or deputy mayor) of the city. In 1392 our ancestor Siger (Soyer) VAN de WALLE took part in a joust which was hold in Brugge's Great Square (Groote Markt), an event which went into the historic chronicle of Flanders for its magnificence and grandeur.
But the origins of the Van de Walle were in Bellegem, near Kortrijk (Courtrai), also in Flanders. The Lordship of Walle was located in this area.







Before they came to the islands, the VAN de WALLE linked through marriage with other Flemish families. Among them were the van REYGHERS, BONIN, HONIN, van COUDENBROUCK, WANDELAERE, SAINT OMER, van VAGHEVIERE, GOEDERIECK, HALLE, ILLOIRS, BOGAERT...

The branches of both brothers who settled in the Canaries will unite when one of Louis' granddaughters married her second cousin Diego. We descend from both branches through two different marriages of the mentioned Diego. The surname VAN de WALLE has been transmitted in the Canaries in its original Flemish form, in some branches; or has become VANDEVAL in other cases.

GRIMON, from Namur (Wallonie))Namur

We have already mentioned Catalina VAN de WALLE TORRES y GRIMÓN, who was granddaughter of Bárbola or Bárbara de GRIMÓN, daughter of the Lord of Grimon, Georges de GRIMON, gentleman from the County of Namur, the capital city of nowadays Wallonie (French-speaking Belgium). Georges took part in the siege and conquest of Granada, in 1492, as "captain of the German bombards".

The GRIMON, who were relatives of the Counts of Egmont, have been located in Namur at least until Georges' grandfather, Jean de GRIMON, who was born circa 1425 in this city by the Meuse.

Our descendancy from all these families comes through two different cases of illegitimate children in the 17th century. Both were later 'legitimated' by their respective fathers. They are not the only cases to be found among the Islands' families of this period; at the contrary, this seems to have been very frequent at the time. These illegitimate children received the family surnames and a wealthy dowry or heritage. Their lines became along the 18th century part of the Island's new leading class, through their own merits and through their marriages with members of La Palma's old families. Their descendants will reach the social summit in the 19th century, when they will be considered full members of the Canarian landed gentry.

Finally, already in the 19th century, our family received another proven link to the Flemish ancestry. Eulogia LÓPEZ CABRERA, another ilegitimate child, who was a MONTEVERDE through her grandmother on her father's side, married José CABRERA PINTO. They were my great-great-grandparents.


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- NAME in BLACK: Spouse or partner of a lineage member
- YELLOW background: *CLICK*, Link for further information on this individual
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- ^^^^^^ = union outside marriage
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12th cent.
13th cent. Gerard VAN de WALLE        xxx    ???
           1st Lord of Van de Walle    |
           and Lembeke                 |
           (11??-1220)                 |
           Gilles VAN de WALLE        xxx    Margriet van REYGHERS
           2nd Lord of Van de Walle    |
           and Lembeke                 |
           (12??-1260)                 |
           Bartholomaeus VAN de WALLE xxx    Katherina BONIN                                                                Josse HONIN    xxx  ???
           Echevin (Deputy Mayor)      |                                                                                    he was alive    |
           of Brugge in 1260,          |                                                                                    in 1250         | 
           3rd Lord of Van de Walle    |                                                                                                    |
           and Lembeke                 |                                                                                                    |
           (12??-12??)                 |                                                                                                    |
                _______________________|                                                                                  __________________|
               |                                                                                                         |
               |                                                                                                         |
           Gillis ("Lang Gillis") VAN de WALLE xxx Avezoete HONIN            Jean de WANDELAERE    xxx   ???       Siger (Soyer) HONIN     xxx  Marie SAINT OMER
           Echevin (Deputy Mayor) of   |                                                            |              (12??-1304)              |   (1st wife)
           Brugge in 1281,             |                                                            |                                       |
           4th Lord of Van de Walle    |                                                            |                                       |
           and Lembeke                 |                   _________________________________________|                                       |
           (12??-13??)                 |                  |                                                                                 |
                _______________________|                  |                               __________________________________________________|
14th cent      |                                          |                              |
               |                                          |                              |
           Gillis VAN de WALLE        xxx   Marie de WANDELAERE         Siger (Soyer) HONIN       xxx  ???
           Echevin (Deputy Mayor) and  |    (1st wife)                  Councelor of Brugge 1335,  |
           Treasurer of Brugge in 1329,|                                Echevin(Dep.Major) 1345    |
           5th Lord of Van de Walle    |                                                           |
           and Lembeke                 |                                                           |
           (12??-13??)                 |                                                           |
                _______________________|                                                           |
               |                                     ______________________________________________|
               |                                    | 
           Jacques VAN de WALLE       xxx     Elisabeth HONIN
           Bourgmestre (Mayor) of      |
           Brugge in 1351 and 1353     |
           6th Lord of Van de Walle    |
           and Lembeke                 |
           (13??-1416)                 |
           Siger (Soyer) VAN de WALLE xxx   Walburg VAN VAGHEVIERE        Waltier GOEDERIECK  xxx  ???
           Echevin (Deputy Major)and   |                                                       |
           Treasurer of Brugge in 1395,|                                                       |
           7th Lord of Van de Walle    |                                                       |
           and Lembeke                 |                                                       |
           (13??-1413)                 |                                                       |                                NAMUR
                _______________________|               ________________________________________|
               |                                      |
 15th cent     |                                      |
            Siger (Soyer) VAN de WALLE xxx     Elisabeth GOEDERIECK          Louis HALLE  xxx  Adriana ILLOIRS       ???  xxx  Jean de GRIMON      Hugues de  xxx Yolante de
           Burgomaestre (Alcalde) de   |      (13??-1431)                                 |                               |   *Namur              CORTEWILLE  |  HAESEBROEC
           Brujas                      |                                                  |                               |    (1425-14??)                    |
           8º Señor de Van de Walle    |                                                  |                               |                                   |
           y de Lembeke                |                                                  |                               |                                   |
           (13??-1429)                 |                                                  |                               |                                   |
                _______________________|             _____________________________________|                     __________|            YPRES                  |
               |                                    |                                                          |                                         _____|
               |                                    |                                                          |                                        |
           Jan VAN de WALLE           xxx     Maria HALLE        Antoine BOGAERT  xxx ???        ???  xxx  Georges de GRIMON     Gilles GHISELIN xxx Agnes de          Jean de xxx  Marie de
           9º Señor de Van de Walle    |      (14??-1498)                          |                   |   *Namur                (14??-1514)      |  CORTEWILLE        HINGETTE |   HALEWYN
           y de Lembeke                |                                           |                   |   (1450-????)                            |                    de la LYS|
           (14??-1467)                 |                                           |                   |                                          |                             |
                _______________________|             ______________________________|                   |                                          |                             |                                                         ANTWERP
               |                                    |                                                  |                                          |                             |
               |                                    |                                        1490      |                                          |      1460                   |
           Siger (Soyer) VAN de WALLE xxx     Alexandrina BOGAERT             Juana de AGUANA xxx Georges de GRIMON                    Gilles GHISELIN    xxx  Adrianne de HINGETTE    Jacques  xxx Joye de la              Jan VAN den DALE xxx ???
           10º Señor de Van de Walle   |      (14??-????)                      (1472-15??)     |  Lord of Grimon                     Lord of Heulhove      |   de la LYS               GOMMER    |  LASCHERIE               (14??-ant.1479)   |
           y de Lembeke                |                                                       |  (1470-15??)                        (14??-1514)           |                                     |                                            |
           (14??-????)                 |                                                       |                       ____________________________________|                                     |                                            |
                _______________________|                                                       |                      |                                                                          |                                            |
               |                                                                               |                      |                   _______________________________________________________|                                            |
               |                                                                       1510    |                      |                  |                                                                                                    |
           Thomas VAN de WALLE        xxx     Katherina VAN PRAET       Diego RUIZ de  xxx Bárbara o        Gilles GHISELIN    xxx  Agnes de GOMMER                                                                         Pieter VAN den DALE xxx Hildegonde VAN
           11º Lord of Van de Walle    |      (14??-1515)               TORRES          |  Bárbola GRIMÓN   Lord of Heulhove,   |   (14??-1541)                                                                             (14??-ant.1506)      |  LANGENDONCK
           and Lembeke                 |                                                | (1492-15??)       Lord of Busbeke,    |                                                                                                                |
 16th cent (14??-1530)                 |                                                |______________     Bailiff of Ypres    |                                                                                                                |
                _______________________|_________________________________________                      |    (14??-1514)         |                                                                            ____________________________________|
               |                                                                 |                     |                        |                                       COLOGNE                             |
               |                           1537                                  |                     |                        |                                                                           |
           Louis VAN de WALLE y VAN PRAET  xxx  María CERVELLÓ y BELLID    Georges VAN de WALLE  xxx  Catalina de TORRES      Jacome GHISELIN  xxx  Margriet       Gobert GROENENBERG xxx Elichea         Arnout VAN DALE xxx Gertrude     Eustache COCQUIEL xxx Marguerite
           12th Lord of Van de Walle        |      (15??-1570)             y VAN PRAET            |   y GRIMÓN                                  |   QUESTROIS                          |  BRIFT           Knight           |  TEERLINCX                       |  VAN RANST
           and Lembeke. He settled          |                              He settled in the      |   (15??-15??)                               |                                      |                  (????-1558)      |  (????-1529)                     |
           in La Palma (Canary Isl.)        |                              Canary islands         |                                             |                                      |                                   |                                  |
           (1511-1587)                      |                              (15??-15??)            |                                             |                                      |                                   |                                  |
                ____________________________|                                                     |                              _______________|                                      |                                   |                                  |
               |                                                                                  |                             |                                                      |                                   |                                  |
               |                                                                                  |                1526         |                                                      |                                   |               1539               |
           Tomás VAN de WALLE de CERVELLÓN xxx  Esperanza FERNÁNDEZ de                      Catalina VAN de WALLE  xxxx  Balthasar GHISELIN                             Jacome GROENENBERG xxx Margret PYNS               Pauwel VAN DALE  xxxxxxxx  Anne COCQUIEL
           13th Lord of Van de Walle        |   AGUIAR y CORDERO                            TORRES y GRIMÓN         |    (15??-1572)                                    (1472-1531)         |  (????-1544)                Knight              |     (15??-bef.1587)
           and Lembeke                      |   (15??-1598)                                                         |                                                                       |                             (1510-1595)         |
           (15??-1595)                      |                                                                       |                                                                       |                                                 |
                ____________________________|                           ____________________________________________|                                                                       |                                                 |
               |                                                       |                                                                                                                    |                                                 |
               |                        1589                           |                                                                                                                    |                                                 |
           María VAN de WALLE de AGUIAR xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx  Diego de GUISLA VAN de WALLE  xxxxxxxxx Beatriz SALGADO                                                                     Melchor "el Viejo" GROENENBERG  xxxxxxxxxxxx Maria VAN DALE              
           (1566-?)                            |          (1530-1603)                       |     de VALENZUELA                                                                       Knight of the Golden Spur             |       
           (3rd wife)                          |                                            |     (2nd wife)                                                                                                                |
                                               |                                            |_____________                                                          ________________________________________________________|
                                               |                                                          |                                                        |                                                        |
                                               |                                                          |                       1613                             |                                                        |
           Catalina GONZÁLEZ   ^^^^^^^^^^    Juan de GUISLA VANDEVAL, o   xxx  Jerónima de BOOT        María de GUISLA y SALGADO  xxxxxxxxxx  Pablo de MONTEVERDE y VAN DALE                                        Ana de MONTEVERDE  xxx   Andrés SALGADO de FRÍAS
17thcent.  (1610-???)              /         VAN de WALLE                  |   y MONTEVERDE            (1583-16??)                     |                                                                                                |
                                   /         (1600-after1648)              |                                                           |                                                                 1610                           |
                                   /                                       |                                   ________________________|                                          Andrés LORENZO CRESPO  xxxxxxxx  Beatriz SALGADO MONTEVERDE
                                   /                                       |                                  |                                                                  (1559-desp.1618)            |
                                   /                                       |                                  |                               _______________________________________________________________|
                                   /       1656                            |                                  |                              |
            Juan de GUISLA GONZÁLEZ ACUÑA  xxxx María de LLANES       (legitimate                Beatriz MONTEVERDE GUISLA  xxx  Andrés LORENZO SALGADO                
            (ilegitimate son, later          |  SALAZAR de FRÍAS        children)                                            |
            legitimated)                     |                                                                               |
            (1630-1696)                      |                                                                               |
                _____________________________|                                                                               |
               |                                                                                                             |
               |                            1680                                                                             |
           María Domingo Alberto SALAZAR    xxx  Felipe de LAZCANO y                             Isabel LORENZO ^^^^^ Pablo LORENZO MONTEVERDE
           y FRÍAS                           |   GORDEJUELA                                                       /   (1643-after 1714)
           (1660-1745)                       |   (1658-1715)                                                      /                                                   *
                                             |                                                                    /                                                   |
 18th cent.     _____________________________|___________                                                         /                                                   |
               |                                         |                                                        /                                                   |
               |             1722                        |                                                        /       1724                                        |
            Juan de LAZCANO  xxxx  Francisca Rosa   José de LAZCANO  xxxx  María Jerónima        María LORENZO MONTEVERDE xxx  Jacinto José FERNÁNDEZ             MONTEVERDE
            y GORDEJUELA       |   de la VEGA y     y GORDEJUELA       |   ESTRADA y ARAUJO      (ilegitimate daughter,    |   YANES                             (GROENENBERG)
            (1697-????)        |   ULATE            (1685-1729)        |   (1695-????)            later legitimated)       |                                          |
                _______________|   (1702-1749)                         |                                                   |                                          |
               |                                                       |                                        ___________|                                          |
               |             1757                                      |                         1753          |                                                      |
            Mariana LAZCANO xxxxx  Mariano MARTÍNEZ MÉNDEZ      Antonio Miguel LAZCANO y ARAUJO  xxxxx  Beatriz YANES LORENZO y MONTEVERDE    Antonio MENINO  xxxxx Petra MONTEVERDE
            y GORDEJUELA      |    (17??-after 1773)            (1727-1772)                        |    (1728-17??)                                             |   de la GUERRA
            (1734-1782)       |                                                                    |                                                            |
                ______________|                                                   _________________|                                                            |
               |                                                                 |                                                                              |
               |             1794                                                |       1773                                                      1790         |
            Josefa MARTÍNEZ  xxxxx Santiago José LÓPEZ     Beatriz LAZCANO y GORDEJUELA  xxxxxxx  Tomás de ABREU CRESPO y OROPESA    José Mariano  xxxxx  Antonia MENINO de MONTEVERDE
            y LAZCANO          |   AUBERT                  YANES MONTEVERDE                 |     (1747-????)                        LÓPEZ AUBERT    |
                               |   (1767-????)             (1754-after 1840)                |                                        (1765-18??)     |
                               |                                                            |                                                        |
                               |                                                            |                                                        |
                               |            1815                                            |                                                        |
                 Margarita LÓPEZ MARTÍNEZ   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Lorenzo de ABREU LAZCANO      Antonia CABRERA HERNÁNDEZ ^^^^^ Antonio LÓPEZ MONTEVERDE
                 (1796-1862)                            |                y GORDEJUELA                  (18??-bef.1855)             /
19th cent.       _______________________________________|                (1779-1832)                                               /
                |                                                                                                                  /
                |                                                                                                                  /
                |                       1845                                                            1844                       /
            Rosa María de ABREU LÓPEZ   xxxxx   José LÓPEZ ESPINOSA de la BARREDA    José CABRERA PINTO xxxxxxxxx  Eulogia LÓPEZ CABRERA
            (1816-before 1877)            |     (1811-before 1877)                   (1814-bef.1872)        |      (ilegitimate daughter,
                 _________________________|                   ______________________________________________|      later legitimated)
                |                                            |                                                     (1820-after 1888)
                |                                            |
                |                       1879                 |
            Margarita LÓPEZ ABREU       xxxxx   Fernando CABRERA-PINTO y LÓPEZ
            (1855-1944)                   |     (1855-1920)
                |                            1921                             1906
             Margarita Leonor CABRERA-PINTO  xxxxx   Pedro VILLAMANDOS PINTO  xxx  (1ª) Dolores REYES
             y LÓPEZ-ABREU                    |      (1882-1925)                        GONZÁLEZ
             (1888-1959)                      |
20th cent.                                    |
                                              |                       1949
                                        Margarita VILLAMANDOS   xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx    Julio Juan RANCEL MARTÍN
                                        CABRERA-PINTO                   |           (1922-1998)
                                           (priv.)                      |
                                              |                                                      |                                            |                     |
                                              |                                                      |                                            |                     |
                         1979                 |         2004                                         |     1978                                   |                     |
          Beatrix SERAL   xxx  Julio Néstor Juan RANCEL  xxx  Roy Lee GENTRY             Francisco RANCEL  xxx  Isaura (Sabrina) MEDINA     Sergio RANCEL    Isabel Margarita RANCEL 
          ARANDA           |   VILLAMANDOS                    (priv.)                    VILLAMANDOS        |   NARANJO                     VILLAMANDOS      VILLAMANDOS
          (1953-1997)      |      (priv.)                                                (priv.)            |   (priv.)                     (priv.)          (1962-1972)
                           |___________                              _______________________________________|
                                       |                            |                                       |
                                       |                            |                                       |
                                       |                            |                                       |
                               Mayec RANCEL SERAL             Francisco José RANCEL MEDINA      Patricia RANCEL MEDINA
                               (priv.)                        (priv.)                           (priv.)
21st. cent.

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