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Proudly invites you to have a look at our different business activities; you will find some more information on items such as our label & publishing department, bookings & events, or just take a look into our vinyl record store and browse through our extensive catalog which contains the finest gems & original vinyl copies which you might have been searching for a very long time... If we can be of any further assistance, please do not hesitate to mail us your inquiries! - "AS LONG AS IT'S MUSIC!"


Here you can find some Rare & Hard-to-get Vinyl (45rpm / 12" / LP) for Record Collectors & DJ's! Catalog music styles range from Pop 6O/7O/8O's to Disco, Funk, Soul, Jazz, Rock, House, New Wave, Reggae, etc. - "THE GROOVE'S IN THE VINYL!"

For more information please contact us:
  E-MAIL info@inside-records.be
PHONE +32 (0)3 226 77 19
FAX +32 (0)3 226 78 05
St.-Jacobsmarkt 76 (B1)
2000 Antwerp
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Our booking agency delivers the best and finest in-demand artists, groups & DJ's for all your special parties and occasions such as company events, new logo or product presentation, promotional tour, commercial projects, congress & seminars, marriages etc. - "LIFE'S A PARTY !"


Our Publishing Company "OK SONGS" owns, controls & administers the copyrights of our extensive catalog which contains more than 6OO original songs & instrumental works. "INSIDE RECORDS" stands for our independent record label, which releases Pop, Latin, World, Old Gold, 6O/7O/8O's, etc. Whereas our sub-labels "Dance Traxx" & "Incrowd" release Dance & House productions.

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