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Welcome Corvus Miniatures, the page where you can find a gallery of my work and also information on how you can commission a paint job to me. And if you're lucky, you can also buy one of my miniatures straight from this site, or via an auction on ebay. Then there's also the articles sections that includes articles on painting techniques, battle reports and event coverages. You have also come to the right place if you want some more information about me in person. Finally there's a collection of links, to other miniature painting sites, but also some other links to sites I visit often.

I hope you like my work, and if you have any questions please contact me by mail: corvus@advalvas.be. Thank you for your interest.

-Gerrie "Corvus" Schenck.

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Hello everyone. 4 months after the last update, this is the last post on this site. Some of you might have noticed I started a new site, together with my paintnig-buddy Jasper, a few months ago, called Pendragon Studios. So I suggest you go to www.pendragonstudios.be and bookmark that site for my very latest miniatures. But I'll keep this site intact as it is now.

So I'd like to see you all at Pendragon Studios!



Some other minis I did during my holidays: Drune Archers for my Confrontation army:

I don't know when I will update this site the next time, because I'm going to move to a new house, and I'm going to have to leave the pc and digital camera behind, because these are my dad's. I'll try to get a pc and internet connection of my own ASAP, but in the meantime you can always keep on e-mailing me. See you soon!


Two months since the last update... A lot happened since then (see previous news post), but I also had the time to take two weeks of vacation, from which I've just returned. Apart from some new additions to my Confrontation Drune army (pictures will follow soon), I've focused on the best Games Workshop miniature of the past (IMO) 2 years: Celestine The Living Saint. I hope you like the paintjob as much as I do...


Some personal news: Today, I've received the keys to the house I bought in november last year. The long wait is finally over, but I still have a lot of work to do before I can start living there, together with my girlfriend. There will not be any time for miniature painting the next few weeks, let alone updating this site. Hopefully I'll see you all again next month, maybe with some photographs of my new hobby-room :)

Take care,



Finished the two last miniatures from the Hybrid set today: Vénérable Ambrosius and l'Aberration.



A few months back I've showed you the pilot of the Tau Devilfish APC I was working on. I've continued working on this big project now and then, and I have finished the interior and the main body. But there's still a lot of work to do...


More Hybrid miniatures: 3 Hybrids.


More Hybrid stuff: four tiny Pestes De Chair beasties :)


As promised, here are the new pictures I've took from my latest miniatures: a Thermo-Guerrier, Lothan, Morgwen and Feylhin:

_ __

Take care everyone ;)


Wow! Already three weeks since the last update, time really flies :)
I've done quite a lot of painting the last weeks: my Drune army now includes the two Lanyfh sisters (painted of course :), I've finished two more models for my friend's Dwarf army and I've started working on a large commission job: everything Hybrid. And when I say everything I mean everything: the Hybrid box, the Nemesis expansion and this customer is also thinking about buying all the minis from which there are Hybrid cards, 25 in total (those from the Cry Havoc magazine not included). But I'm starting with the basic Hybrid box first, and I've already finished the Loge De Hod.
So I wanted to put up some pictures of all this stuff, but when I finished photographing everything I noticed my third light wasn't turned on :( So basically there are only two photographs that turned out okay: the Loge De Hod and a WIP shot of the Garde Prétorienne unit I'm working on. I hope to put up the remaining mini's tomorrow.
So here's what I have so far, more info can be found on the gallery pages themselves:



Finally finished the third Goule D'Acheron, a leftover from the undead army. I spent a lot of time on this paintjob, but I'm sure it was worth it. This definitely is one of my best paintjobs so far:


It's been a while since the last update, but I'm working on several miniatures at the same time right now. But I have found some time to add the pictures to the gallery of the Confrontation Undead army I did for eBay a while back. Check them out:

__ ___


Two minis have been finished last weekend. With the new Drune releases in sight, I needed to catch up with my army, so I decided to paint Corwyn Le Bossu first. I also want to try out a mage in my army.

My friend also wanted a mage in his Dwarf army, so I finished his Fenggar model.

I'm currently working on the Lanyfh sisters for my army and an Undead Ghoul of Acheron for display.


A new mini, the Confrontation VPC Drune Persecutor:


The undead army has been sold, once again congratulations to the winner. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I did when painting it :). Of course the journal can still be viewed in the articles section.
There's also a new WIP picture today. It's been a while since I painted some Warhammer 40K stuff, but I'm currently working on a Tau Devilfish. I've already finished the pilot:


Added some Confrontation dwarves to the gallery, which I finished last month. They are also for my friend's army.


Check out the older news in the news archive.

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