Monde Du Jeu 2003, Paris, France
by Filip "Tuubje" Tubbax

Rackham and Retour des Dieux from Yliad Games were the two highlights of this event, so you can find their miniatures pictured here. Paris is hell when it comes down to driving through it by car, but fortunately it was worth it because the convention was very good, with a lot of manufacturers and stores. Apparently there were also a lot of competitions going on, but we only noticed a Confrontation and Magic competition.

Rackham's new game: Hybrid.

The Dirz Abberation...

...and his card.

Another Dirz.

A Griffin from Hybrid.

Another Griffin from Hybrid.

The models from the official Rackham painting competition. On the left is a scratch-sculpted Dirz.

The massive dwarven chariot.

"Gob power" :)

The new graveguard model.

The new undead cavalry.

Besides the Rackham games, there was another French game at the convention: Retour des Dieux.

A nice piece of scenery, built for the Retour Des Dieux game.

A giant.




Killer monkey.



Wood elf.

"Oh my god, that's a lot of Rackham" :)
Kevin (aka "Wevin") on the left and Kristof ("Leroy The Redneck") on the right.

See you all next year!