Satellite transit images

All pictures are (C)2007, 2008, 2009 by T. Cools.

ISS and Space shuttle Transit Predictions.

I won't do any satellite predictions here anymore.  You can go here for your personal satellite predictions:


September 12 2009: Left: HTV 1 photographed at 19:35UTC.
Right: Japanese H2B upper stage(2009-048B/35818) floating around close to decay.(predicted for December 14 2009).  Hight above surface Earth is only about 200km.
Photographed at 19:09UTC.


September 10 2009:  The Japanese Module HTV 1 on its way to ISS.  It is entering Earth's shadow at 19:50UTC.  2009-048A/35817.


August 29 2009: Left: Some 22 minutes after launch of STS128 Discovery, the Orbiter with the External tank could be seen over Belgium at 04:21UTC.
The orange trail is the external tank.  It would not survive another orbit.  It reentered the Earth's atmosphere soon after.  Discovery went further for a mission to ISS.
Right: YouTube Movie with flight of STS 128 Discovery and External Tank over Belgium.


March 13 2008: Left: ATV 1 08-08A/32686 at 04:25UTC over Belgium reaching mag 0.
Right: ISS with STS 123 Endeavour already docked, this pass was the brightes I have ever seen mag -6 to -8 at 04: 49UTC, only an hour after Endeavour docked with ISS.  I saw the crew entering the space station on Nasa television some minutes later.
The passing bright dot didn't look like a round dot but more like a 'slash'.

ISS and STS122 transit on February 11, 2008 at 18:57UTC.  Somewhere near the town of Roeselare there was a transit over the Moon which was seen by a group of satellite observers from Bruges, Belgium.


Above: 3 pictures of the transit from ISS and STS122 on February 10 2008 at 18:38 UTC.During culmination ISS/STS122 reached at least mag -4.  Going into the Earth's shadow it changed colours again comming from the orange solar arrays.


Left: STS122(08005A/32486) Atlantis underway to ISS on February 8 2008 passing at 18:20 UTC.
Right: one hour after they have docked, ISS and STS122 Atlantis on February 9 2008 at 18:16 UTC.

 ISS(98067A) and STS118 Endeavour(07035A) on August 12 2007 at 2106UTC.


ISS(98067A) and STS118 Endeavour(07035A) docked together and passing over Belgium in twilight at 20:21UTC on August 10 2007

ISS(98067A) on August 5 2007 at 21h38m UTC.


Left: ISS(98067A/25544) . Right: CZ-2C rocket body (04012C/28222) both on May 1 2006

Unknown satellite traveling through UMA in the direction of UMI on April 30 2006 at around 20:45UTC.
It was not flaring but the satellite had a varying period of about 1 minute(guess) from mag +3.5 to mag +1.5.

Identified by Russell Eberst as USA129, KH11-11(1996-72A/24680).  Thanks Russell !


Left Picture of ISS transit on April 30 2006 at 20:47 UTC.  The other satellite crossing its path is Kosmos 1220.
Right: Satspy Sky Chart with the two satellites crossing beeing the West-East one ISS(98-67A/25544) and the one which is
crossing Corona Borealis Kosmos 1220(80089A-12054)
(click to see them on a larger scale)

ISS on November 6 2002.
This is the picture I presented to Frank De Winne, Soyuz TMA1 flight engineer at the
flight memorial reception in Sint Truiden, Belgium on November 13, 2002.
In fact I have taken several pictures on 2 clear days with Frank De Winne on board ISS.
I intend to put them all on this page.

Here below you will find a 'Satspy' drawing of the passage.  The picture is located in the constellation of Canis Minor with the bright star beeing Procyon.  Orion is not visible on the picture.(clich to enlarge)

NOSS 2-2(91-76CDE/21799,21808,21809)
on September 29, 2002

Noss 2-02 photographed in the constellation of Andromeda around 19h57m UTC at Bruges, Belgium.(Damse Vaart)
on September 29, 2002.
Location: 51.2277deg N and 3.2478degE.

Due to heavy winds, slight movement of the trails and stars are visible but not really disturbing.
The satellites were visible with the naked eye and reached a magnitude of about +2.
The bright star in the center is phi And where 91076E is just passing close by.

Here are the tle's:

             NOSS 2-2 (C)     3.0  2.0  0.0  5.7 v    5

1 21799U 91076C   02273.77832142 0.00000030  00000-0  43790-4 0    02
2 21799  63.4230 187.0224 0275000   1.0643 358.9357 13.40426900    09
             NOSS 2-2 (D)     3.0  2.0  0.0  5.7 v    5
1 21808U 91076D   02273.77845093 0.00000030  00000-0  43720-4 0    05
2 21808  63.4210 187.2700 0276000   0.9393 359.0607 13.40427149    06
             NOSS 2-2 (E)     3.0  2.0  0.0  5.7 v    5
1 21809U 91076E   02266.84025232 0.00000030  00000-0  44002-4 0    05
2 21809  63.4230 204.3388 0272000 353.9661   6.0339 13.40426171    02

Comparison chart made by Rob Matson's Skymap(click twice for bigger resolution):

ISS and STS 108 Endeavour prior to docking on Friday December 7 2001 at 16h49m UTC over Belgium, Europe.
Endeavour docked with ISS the same day at 20h03m UTC.  ISS, which is the brightest object, is leading Endeavour.
This passage has been photographed with a 135mm lens on a 'not very stable' tripod.  Both objects were only some 10 degrees above the horizon.

Two tracks with the upper track beeing STS99 Endeavour and the lower track the external tank already separated.
Both objects were seen some 20 minutes after launch over Belgium.  Large clouds of residual propellant venting was observed.  This explanes why the lower track is unsharp and irregular.

Hi-resolution picture.

Bright mag -8 flare from Iridium 15(1997-34A/24869).  Photographed on 21 October 1997.

Predicted transit of Kosmos 1313(1995-28A/23596) close to Comet C/1996 B2 Hyakutake in constellation Umi.
March 27 1996.

Other transit pictures
(updated August 14 2000)

 70085a.jpg                         Meteor 1-6, February 4 1996  in Cas at 434 km altitude.
 78096a.jpg                         Tiros 11, March 23 1995 in UMA, two flashes visible.
 79099a.jpg                         Kosmos 1154, March 1 1995 near Gamma Cas at 498 km altitude.
 82033a1.jpg                       Salyut 7 in Leo on May 16 1990.
 82033a2.jpg                       Salyut 7 with other satellite in Bootes on May 16 1990.
 82033a3.jpg                       Salyut 7 in Bootes on May 18 1990.
 82033a4.jpg                       Salyut 7 in UMA on May 14 1990.
 82033a5.jpg                       Salyut 7 on January 18 1991.
 82033a6.jpg                       Salyut 7 on January 18 1991, last picture before it burned up in the atmosphere on Feb 7 1991.
 84122a.jpg                         USA6/KH11-6, April 17 1990.
 86017a1.jpg                       Mir in UMA on May 18 1990.
 86017a2.jpg                       Mir in Taurus on January 18 1991.
 86017a3.jpg                       Mir in UMA on May 8 1992.
 86017a4.jpg                       Mir with 91050F(Ariane 40 third stage ERS 1) on April 27 1993.
 86017a5.jpg                       Mir on June 21 1993.
 86017a6.jpg                       Mir with Progress M24 on August 27 1994.
 86017a7.jpg                       Mir with Progress M24 on August 27 1994.
 86017a8.jpg                       Mir with Progress M24 on August 27 1994 at an altitude of 410 km.
 86017a9.jpg                       Mir with Progress M24 on August 27 1994 at an altitude of 410 km.
 86017a10.jpg                     Mir with Progress M24 on August 30 1994 at an altitude of 410 km.
 86017a11.jpg                     Mir with STS76 Atlantis on March 29 1996.
 86017a12.jpg                     Mir with STS76 Atlantis on March 29 1996.
 86017a13.jpg                     Mir with Progress M32(96043A), August 18 1996 in Lyra.
 86017a14.jpg                     Mir with STS79 Atlantis at an altitude of 395 km.
 86017a15.jpg                    Mir with Progress M40(98062A), the failed Znamya 2 experiment on February 4 1999.
 86019aa.jpg                       Ariane 1 debris Spot 1, flashing on March 26 1993 in UMI.
 87011a.jpg                         Kosmos 1818 a Topaz reactor flashing on October 28 1994 at an altitude of 814 km in Cas.
 88039b.jpg                         J1 Zenit Kosmos 1943(bright) with A1 Vostok Meteor 1-07(71003B).
 88106b.jpg                         USA34/Lacrosse 1 on August 3 1994 at 674 km altitude.
 89089a1.jpg                       Cobe flashing in the constellation of Pegasus on November 23 1992.
 89089a2.jpg                       Cobe flashing in Cas on November 23 1992.
 90046b.jpg                         J1 Zenit Kosmos 2082 on July 26 1992 in Draco
 90055a.jpg                         Glint from Kosmos 2084 in Lyra.  July 22 1992.
 90105a.jpg                         DMSP 2-05/USA 68.  Two bright flares on May 1 1994.
 91017a.jpg                         Lacrosse 2 on October 21 1997 at a height of 681km.
 91024a.jpg                         Almaz 1, the Russian radar imaging satellite in Hercules on May 4 1992.
 91063b.jpg                         UARS at 589km on August 28 1994.
 91076bcd.jpg                     Noss 2-02 triangle on October 9 1995.
 9176bcd2.jpg                     Noss 2-02 triangle on October 9 1995.
                   Bjoern Gimle made an interesting simulation here:    NOSSSIMM
 92007b.jpg                         H1 Fujo/Jers on July 22 1992.  Decayed on February 28 1995.
 94074b.jpg                         J1 Zenit Resurs 1-01 at 676 km close to beta Uma on April 2 1995.  The rocket travels from
                                            right to left and the transformation from steady to flashing is clearly visible.
 94074b2.jpg                       Same passage as 94074b.jpg but now nicely flashing.  The bright star is Polaris.

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