Space meeting at
the observatory of Beisbroek
Bruges, Belgium

...1 february 2003...

Bram(Belgian Working Group Satellites(BWGS) president and myself(Tristan Cools, the photographer) arriving at the observatory...

Just had dinner with our Space Travel Group.  Going to the observatory in a hurry to watch the landing of STS107 Columbia, we just have a few minutes...

Contact lost with STS107, what's happening ?

Unbelief !  Desaster struck, no sign of Columbia !

 Center: Bram(BWGS), Thomas and
Koen(already leaving for urgent tape recordings)

These page is dedicated to the crew of STS107 Columbia who died on the reentry of their spacecraft on 1 february 2003.
I am still aware of what I was doing when the Space Shuttle Challenger exploded.  I have never forgotten them.  This time it won't be different...

Tristan Cools

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