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News on Artificial Satellite Observation and Space Travel.
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The Official BWGS pages have moved to a new location:


Language is partial Dutch/English.  The new BWGS site is located on the server of the VVS, the Belgian Astronomical Association. (VVS)  The new BWGS webmaster is now Bram Dorreman which is also BWGS president.  All new program files and BWGS news will be located on the new server.

However, you will be able to find some personal information on this site.

Thanks to Bram Dorreman who was kind enough for taking over the work as a BWGS webmaster.
Hopefully I will be able to restart my observations again in the near future.

 Urania trip to Baikonur Soyuz TMA15 launch 

Annular Solar Eclips at French Guiana, 'Îles du Salut'
September 22 2006

 Eureka 2006 Exhibition

 Satellite Trails

Links to Orbital Elements, Artificial Satellite Observation and
Space Travel Information

 Mike McCants' Satellite Tracking Web Pages

 Mike McCants' BWGS PPAS Page

 Space Track (Orbital Elements, Registration required)

My Satellite Launch Tables: Satellite Launch Tables Page

Here is a link with thumbnail directory: Pictures from Star City, Kaluga and St.-Petersburg

 Space meetings: BWGS and Space Travel meetings

Report of a meeting at Beisbroek Februari 1, 2003...: Beisbroekmeeting

Look at my satellite transit pictures here: satellite transit pictures

Here is my satellite museum: satellite museum

Satellite launches(and debris): satellite NORAD/COSPAR/USSPACECOM database

The VVS-Vereniging Voor Sterrenkunde(Dutch-spoken) home page can be found here:


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