Announcement of the upcoming musical 
and short storyline

from Albemarle of London

From despair comes hope and from hate comes love

Andrew Lloyd Webber and Ben Elton's new musical is the story of ordinary people in an extraordinary situation. The Beautiful Game follows the fortunes of a group of teenagers, all members of a local soccer team, and their friends.

Under the watchful eye of team coach Father O'Donnel, John and Del both show enough promise to pursue careers as professional footballers. They're just two regular teenagers who dream of nothing more than girls and football. When they find love with Mary and Christine, they become swept up in the events that engulf their community. As time passes each one of them has to decide whether or not to follow their hearts. Dreaming of a time when they can live and love in peace, John and Mary, Del and Christine soon learn that to escape from bigotry and intolerance will take all the courage they can muster.

Ben Elton tells their story with humour and compassion and his lyrics are both funny and heartbreaking. Andrew Lloyd Webber's evocative new score combines heart searing ballads and stirring anthems with the sounds of Ireland. This powerful and passionate musical is a joyous celebration of the freedom that love can bring....

It was announced on 15 May 2000 that the opening, originally expected 19 September 2000, would be delayed one week to 26 September, the start of preview performances are also delayed from 29 August to 5 September. Booking for individuals opens on 4 June 2000.


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