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My workshops are process oriented, not product oriented.

I'm trying to give people a "spring-board" for experimenting with the materials they find at hand.

I ask them not to expect a finished product from the workshops but a "beginning", something to take home and continue to work with, look at, learn from and  re-work until the piece is "finished" (what ever that may mean).

"Oh Yes You Can!" (Saggar Firing in an Electric Kiln)

Length, 2 days (or 1 very long day)

This workshop explores a new, exciting possibility for users of electric kilns.

It has been a long held belief that burning any kind of combustible in an electric kiln is hazardous to the kiln. I'll show how it can be done safely and some of the wonderful effects you can obtain.

This workshop also explores the possibilities of alternative and semi-permiable resists and techniques as described in "Resistance is Futile"

"Break The Rules With Paper Clay"

Length 2 days

This workshop explores the incredible things you can achieve by simply adding paper fiber to any clay body. Forget everything you've ever learned about joining pieces, drying and firing!

We will cover the making of paperclay, the advantages and disadvantages of varying amounts of paper fiber in the clay, unique hand-building methods, how to make repairs and how to fire.

"Resistance is Futile" (Alternative Resists and Techniques)

Length 1 day

This workshop explores the use of alternative resist materials chosen for their semi-permiability.




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