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These are some resource files I use and thought might be useful to others. You can view them online but they might be difficult to read because sometimes the lines don't wrap. It's better to download them to a folder on your hard disk and view them in your word processor. Enjoy!

Terra-Sig Primer.txt contains some basic guidelines for making and applying Terra-Sigillata.

"Piece_de_Resistance" The full article in PDF format.

"Piece_de_Resistance".txt contains some formulas from my Potter Making Illustrated Article "Piece de Resistance".

"Oh, Yes You Can" The full article in PDF format.

Japan Recommendations.txt contains some recommendations of what to do while you're in Japan. People have found it useful.

Sources.txt started life as a list of alternative sources for materials and equipment gleaned from Clayart members posts. It became a "largish", unformated text file including techniques, tools and formulae. THERE IS GOLD IN THIS FILE. Everyone is credited and it's updated almost constantly. The top entry is the most recent.

ShowPrep.txt is a general list of all the things you wished you'd taken when doing a show, fair or exhibition. This was compiled with the help of my Clayart friends.

PotteryInNY.txt is my compilation of pottery and crafts related addresses in NY. I'm having to send this file out too often so I'll just put it here where people can find it. Sure is a lot of pottery in NY! I (HEART) NY!

NYPotTravel.txt More general pottery travel info for NY.

Books2.txt Another largish, unformatted file containing Clayarters' book recommendations. Again, everyone is credited and it's updated fairly often. The top entry is the most recent.

PerfumesOfTheCentury.txt What can I say? I like perfume (Chanel is my favorite) and this is a really interesting read. Just wish I could remember where I found it. Would like to give them credit.






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