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Bacia Edelman 1925 - 2009

"I am fortunate that clay was introduced to me before I attended kindergarten.  An aunt, living with our family, had a job at the Paul Revere Pottery in Boston where the women, all single, were invited to take their nieces and nephews on Saturdays. The only man in the pottery was a Sicilian, Ernesto, who made forms on the wheel and fired the kiln with coal.  He sometimes centered a ball of clay, lifted me onto his lap, and let me mess it up.  I was the youngest of the Saturday visitors. Whether or not my aunt was officially one of the renowned "Saturday Evening Girls" affiliated with that pottery, she joined them for play-readings and other weekly cultural events."

"When I was nine, the same aunt paid my way at the Boston Museum classes for children, also on Saturdays.  The classes I took were mostly painting and drawing; I continued there until I finished high school."

"Eventually clay became a potent influence in my life. After art school, RISD, I then finished my MFA at Alfred, where Dan Rhodes was one of my teachers and Charles Harder was my advisor.  A fancy education, perhaps, but I think it took me decades before I found my voice and made it stronger.  However, the line of progress was bumpy.   Meanwhile I taught at the University of Illinois and then raised three children, still working as much as possible in my basement studio."

"The work has changed periodically as I reached corners and had to reinvent myself to emerge from them. Ritual vessels, teapots, sculpture, textured surfaces in both clay and glaze are what occupy me now. Occasional invitations to participate in woodfired kilns have directed what types of forms I make."



Lichen teapot XII, 12.5  14 x 4.5 inches, underglazes, terra sigillata, lichen glaze cone 6 in electric kiln, private collection


Newer Work

Mug, reduction fired in salt kiln with slips underneath


Teapot, vitreous engobe, lichen glaze over turquoise matte glaze


Vase, rust liner, lichen glaze over black semi-matte glaze


Teapot, blue vitreous engobe with lichen glaze and brown glaze sprayed on top


Ewer, rust and beige glaze, light lichen glaze sprayed over


Teapot, lichen glaze over blue vitreous engobe, permanent
collection of the Asheville Art Museum, North Carolina


Teapot, lichen glaze over blue vitreous engobe


Teapot, lichen glaze over black semi-matte glaze



Teapot, cream matte glaze over iron vitreous engobe
with lichen glaze sprayed over lower section



Older Work


Teapot, wirecut slabs, lichen glaze over colored engobes


Wirecut porcelain vase, woodfired shino glaze


Teapot with white oblong,
lichen glaze and white matte glaze


Teapot with white oblong,
lichen glaze and white matte glaze


Teapot, wirecut slabs, lichen glaze over engobes


Teapot with red stripe, wirecut slabs, lichen
glaze over engobes


Teapot, wirecut slabs, lichen glaze over engobes


Teapot, wirecut slabs, lichen glaze over engobes


Teapot, diamond shaped slab-built, Helmer slip, woodfired


Teapot, wheel-thrown porcelain, Helmer slip, woodfired


Teapot, lichen glaze over engobe


Teapot, lichen glaze over engobes


Vase, wirecut slab-built, black glaze under lichen with
an orange glaze lining


Wall-vase, wirecut, lichen under matte glaze


Ewer, wheel-thrown and handbuilt, iron glazes


Pair of ewers, lichen glaze over iron glazes, wheel-thrown
and hand-built


Ewer, assembled thrown parts, wood-fired white matte glaze


Ewer, assembled thrown parts, matte and lichen glazes


Plate, impressed slab, woodfired


Plate, impressed slab with salt slips, woodfired


Raphi's mug, lichen and matte glazes, slab and wheel


Mug, hand-built, matte glaze over blue engobe

* Unless otherwise specified as wood fired, these pots are electric fired at about cone six.


Boston, Massachusetts

Akademie Für Angewandte Kunst, Vienna, Austria, 1952-53
M.F.A., New York State College of Ceramics, Alfred University, 1950
B.F.A., Rhode Island School of Design, 1947
Black Mountain College (Summer) 1946

Project Grants, Wisconsin Arts Board, 1987, 1983, 1979, 1978

Asheville Art Museum, Asheville, N.C.
Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI
Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY
Northern Arizona University Art Museum, Flagstaff, AZ
Charles A. Wustum Museum, Racine, WI
Numerous corporate and private collections

2007 Two-Woman Exhibit, Zazen Gallery, Paoli, WI
2005 Friendship: Clay and Metal, Wisconsin Arts Board Gallery,Madison, WI
2005 Two-Woman Exhibit, Zazen Gallery, Paolim WI
1995 Solo show, CitiArts, Municipal Building, Madison, WI
1994 Four-person show, Santa Fe Gallery, Madison, WI
1993 Three-person show, Lightside Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
1987 Two-person show, Wisconsin Academy of Science, Arts, and Letters, Madison, WI
1985 Solo show, Bergstrom-Mahler Museum, Neenah, WI
1985 The Hand and the Spirit Crafts Gallery, Scottsdale, AZ

2008 "Women of Black Mountain." Black Mountain Museum and Art Center, Black Mt., N.C.
2006 "Tea Time: The Art of the Teapot," Kalamazoo, MI
2005 Teapot Show, Creedmoor, NC
2000 "Armory National Ceramics Invitational:, West Palm Beach, FL
2000 Paoli Clay Family Show, national, Verona, WI
1999 "Suited to a Tea", Sioux City, Iowa and Waterloo, Iowa
1998 Teapot Show, Ariana Gallery, Royal Oak, MI
1998 Teapot Show, Images Friedman Gallery, Louisville, KY
1996 Teapot Show, Alexander Gallery, La Jolla, CA
1995 Paoli Clay Family Show (touring), Art Resources Gallery, St. Paul, MN
1994 New Artists Tea Party, Ferrin Gallery, Northampton, MA
1994-93 National Teapot Invitational, Craft Alliance, St. Louis, MO
1993 World Clay Stomp, N. Arizona University Art Gallery, Flagstaff, AZ
1990 The Ceramic Vessel: Recent Directions, Evanston Art Center, Evanston, IL
1990 "Our Ladies of Art," Kohler Arts Center, Sheboygan, WI
1990 "The Eccentric Teapot," Schneider-Bluhm-Loeb, Chicago, IL
1989 "The Tea Party," Ferrin Gallery, Northampton, MA
1989 "Clay AZ Art," International Exhibit, Northern Arizona University Art Gallery, Flagstaff, AZ
1988 "Explorations in Clay," Edgewood Orchard Galleries, Fish Creek, WI
1985 "Nine From Wisconsin," Lawton Gallery, University of Wisconsin, Green Bay, WI

2007 Cybershow, Janjobe Gallery, Louisville, KY
2006 Vasefinder Online Exhibit, Honorable Mention
2005 "The Clay Cup" SIUC, Carbondale, IL
2005 "In Our Cups" SUNY Geneseo, NY
2004 :"100 Teapots 2", Baltimore Clayworks, Baltimore, MD
2000 "Armory National Ceramics Invitational:, West Palm Beach, FL
1999 "Suited to a Tea", Sioux City Art Center, Sioux City, IA
1998 Ceramics USA, Denton, Texas
1998 San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, San Angelo, TX
1998 Tools, The Clay Studio, Philadelphia, PA
1996 Fletcher Challenge Award Exhibit, Auckland, New Zealand
1996 International Orton Cone Box Show, Baldwin City, KS (and touring shows)
1995 "Virtual Ceramics Exhibit", World Wide Web
1993 29th Ceramic National, Everson Museum, Syracuse, NY
1993,'92 and '91 Fifth, Fourth and Third Annual Teapot Shows, A. Houberbocken Gallery, Milwaukee, WI
1991 The Wichita National, Wichita Center for the Arts, KS
1991 and 1990 Sixth and Fifth Annual National Ceramic Competitions, San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts, TX
1988 "The Dripless Spout/Innovative Teapots," Arrowmont School of Arts and Crafts Gallery, Gatlinburg, TN
1986 "Chicago Vicinity Clay V", Lill Street Gallery, Chicago, Illinois.
1983 "Utilitarian Mud," Milwaukee Art Museum, Milwaukee, WI

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March 2008, "Function is Optional", by Melanie Herzog, Ceramics Art and Perception



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