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"River Then, River Now, River Future,
Red Mountain Freeway Mural"

Designed by artists Jeff East and Rebecca Ross and constructed with the assistance of Michelle Lowe, Amy Rey, Cyndi Salter, and Rand Smith, "River Then, River Now, River Future" is a 540 foot mural of hand made tile located on the South wall of the 202 freeway along the north bank of the Tempe Town Lake.

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Cyndi Salter and Arizona Clayarter Michelle Lowe
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The entire mural is comprised of thousands of handmade glazed ceramic tiles featuring lizards, hummingbirds, and people.
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The panels are fabricated from thick pieces of styrofoam layered with fiberglass and sprayed with dryvit (a cement latex mixture). They are fairly light, about 25 pounds per ten foot panel before adding tiles.
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As part of the 3 year project, Tempe school children and community members created individual and collaborative tiles.
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Representing the Salt River, The green/blue section represents it as it was in the past, the terracotta section represents the river as it has been until recently, of a riparian environment, and the turquoise block represents the Salt River as it is today and will continue to be through the future.



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