"Oh Yes You Can!"


"Oh Yes You Can!"
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Workshop Outline:

"Oh Yes You Can!" 

  • Program:
    • First Day
      • Morning
        • Introduction
              • Will be doing the "forbidden" and "impossible"
              • How I got started
              • Philosophy
              • Inspirations
        • Demonstrate decorating techniques
              • Sponge Techniques
              • Resist Techniques
                • Crayon / Pastel / Hard Wax Resist
                • Elmer's Glue Resist
                • Floor Wax Resist
                • Paper Resist
                • Tape Resist
                • String Resist
              • Brush Techniques
      • Afternoon
        • Have participants try demonstrated techniques
        • Fire bisque to harden decoration
        • Demonstrate different ways to wrap pots (day 1 or day 2)
        • Discuss making of Terra-Sigillata (day 1 or day 2)
        • Discuss firing technique (day 1 or day 2)
        • Demo making techniques (day 1 or day 2)
      • Evening
        • Share Stories
        • Share Belgian Chocolate
        • Show slides (day 1 or day 2)
        • Talk Pots
    • Second Day
      • Morning
        • Demonstrate different ways to wrap pots.
        • Smoke Firing 1.5 to 3 hrs (1.5 to 3 hrs to cool)
      • Afternoon
        • Clean up Studio
        • Open Kiln
        • Look at and talk about the work
        • "Wax" Pots
        • Talk about the work
        • Maybe a second firing if time
        • More talk about pots
  • Experiencial Aim:
    • Have a good time
    • Get a bit crazy
    • Discover that no results are "bad"
    • "Look" at what you get and work with it.
    • A lot can be done with a little
    • No "formula"
    • No rules
  • Participants should bring:
    • Several small to medium size, BISQUED pieces (white or light bodied or white sigged).
      • It would be interesting if some of the work they brought was made with a paper clay. This can go VERY black.
    • Decorating tools, brushes, sponges, sponge rollers, fuzzy pipe cleaners.
    • One "unusual" tool
    • Old crayons
    • Old oil pastels
    • Old news papers
    • Scissors
  • Workshop provide:
    • Electric kiln, well vented or gas kiln with a controler (need to be able to keep it above 451f/232c for a certain amount of time)
    • Workshop assistant (knows where things are and how things work)
    • Lots of old newspapers (print is better than pictures, black and white better than color)
    • Waste Bisque to me to demonstrate on
    • Sponges, natural, bits of foam, etc
    • Large Bottle of Elmer's glue, Patex White Glue, etc
    • Cotton String or Cotton Yarn (various sizes)
    • Sisal or any "fuzzy" string
    • Wax Resist, Latex Resist, whatever
    • Masking Tape (different widths)
    • Spray Bottles (the worse sprayers the better)
    • Tooth Brushes
    • Liquid, Acrylic, Floor wax
    • Liquid bee's wax
    • Teak oil (Real Teak Oil, not Teak Oil Varnish or Tung Oil or Tung Oil Varnish!)
    • Soda Ash (NA2CO3), washing soda or "Cristaux de Soude", Hydrated Sodium Carbonate, (NA2CO3.10H2O)
    • Sodium Silicate, "Egg Keep", "Water Glass", ( NA2O.SIO2)
    • Several wide rolls of caterer's, double strength, aluminium foil
    • Soft Steel Wire and Wire Cutters
    • Plastic buckets and containers for different concentrations of the sig and for dipping and pouring
    • Jiffy mixer (paint mixer) and electric drill
    • Maybe some Terra-Sigillata waste and some Epsom salts to demo waste sig, bisque, slip
  • I'll bring
    • Wet, Concentrated Orange Terra-Sig
    • My own tools
    • Pots to show
    • Slides to show
    • Brochures, Cards, etc
    • Belgian Chocolate



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