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alligator glaze, raku fired, 6 in high

"I grew up in a small Hungarian village, living next door to a potter who let me play with clay. I promised him I will be a potter, but years later I became an actress having gotten my MFA in theater and drama in Budapest, Hungary. I forgot my promise and I thought I forgot clay too...

I played dozens of roles on stage before I came to live in America, where I got married and had two children. It was in 1992 when I took my first pottery class, that brought me back to clay, and made me remember.

After studying ceramics for three years, I set up my studio in 1995 and since then I have been ACTING IN CLAY."


pitfired, 5 in high


low fire salt, 9 in high
saggar fired porcelain, 8 in high

bauer slip, soda fired, 8 in long
Egg Form With Polkadots woodfired salt glazed, 12 in high

Egg Form
low fire soda, terra sig, 9 in
burnished terra sig, low fire salt, 8 in

Golden Shell
stains, oxides, electric fired, 10 in high
low fire salt, 8 in

Wallpiece, electric fired ^6, oxides, 12 in diam
Heart Shaped Rock
saggar fired porcelain, 6 in

Lava Rock
naked raku, 6 in
Hollow Form With Golden Crack
10 in

Raku Rock
naked raku, 8 in
Pebbles' Nest
naked raku (no glaze) 13 in high

Piece Of Earth
terra sig, pitfired, 6 in long
Raku Torso
naked raku, 7 in long

Saggar Fired Porcelain Form
9 in
terra sig, low fire salt,10 in diameter

Russel`s Rock
shallow bowl, pitfired
Crouching Tiger`s Secret Den
naked raku, 13 in high

low fire salt, 10 in high
Red Rock
burnished terra sig, low fire salt, 7 in



I like to experiment with different clay bodies and various firing methods.

I love to improvise,to let my intuitions lead me, and if I am lucky enough clay itself inspires me.

The influences come from places I travelled to: the ruins of Pompeii, Italy, the volcanos and lava fields of Hawaii, the Grand Canyon in the States, where the beach meets the rocky desert in Mexico.

I am fascinated by: the harmony of waves (in sand and sea), the rhythm of the rolling countryside in Hungary, the erosion in found objects, opposites in texture, as pristine against refined.

I hope my pieces invite the viewer to touch them.

Major Shows/Juried Exhibitions

Fletcher Challenge Ceramics Award, Auckland, New Zealand
Ceramics USA, Denton, TX
Women in the Visual Arts, New Haven, CT

Salzbrand, Koblenz, Germany
Lotsa Clay, Philadelphia, PA
Hammonds National, Seaside, FL

Clay On The Wall, Lubbock, TX
Black and White, Tampa, FL

Ceramics USA, Denton, TX
Orton Cone Box Show, Baldwin City, KS

Clay Cup, Carbondale, IL
Strictly Functional Pottery National, East Petersburg, PA

Journeys in Clay, Wabasha, MN
Ceramics USA, Denton, TX

100 Teapots, Baltimore, MD
Regional Art Exhibition, Rochester, MN
Ewers, Detroit, MI

International Saltglazed Ceramics, in Koblenz, Germany
TERRA, Solo exhibit at Studio Academy, Rochester,MN
Textures in Clay, Solo exhibit at the
University Center Gallery in Rochester, MN

National Teapot Show, Atlanta GA
Artists at NCC, Minneapolis, MN
Shape: Between Tradition and Innovation, at the
International Ceramics Museum in Faenza, Italy

Contemporary Teabowls, Indianapolis, IN
MOVE Invitational Show, Rochester Art Center, MN
Naked Truth Woddfire Conference, Cedar Rapids, IA
Gems from the Fire, Cedar Rapids, IA

Endless Variations: Shino Review, Baltimore, MD
Orton Cone Box Show, Baltimore, MD
Terra Firma, Solo Exhibit, Studio Academy, Rochester,MN

In Our Cups, at SONY in Geneseo, NY

Woodfire Invitational Lawrence Gallery, Portland,OR
Mad Hatters Tea, Portland, OR
Orton Cone Box Show, Portland,OR
The Art of Tea, Kalamazoo Art Institute, Michigan

What is a Cup, Oakland, California
Cyberclay show at NCECA, Louisville, Ky
Metamorphosis & Rebirth, Jingdezhen, China

Muchachos, Standard Ceramics, Pittsburgh Nceca, Pa
Orton Cone Box show, Opening in Pittsburgh, Pa
Exchange Exhibition in Siheung, South Korea


AmArtCO Award at "Clay Does It All", Memphis, TN
Non-Functional Ceramics Award "Silverhawk Internet Exhibition"
Purchase Award "Orton Cone Box Show", Baldwin City, KS
Juror`s choice award (juror: Dick Lehman) at Cup: the Intimate Object, Forth Wayne, IN
Purchase Award at 2006 Orton Cone Box Show

Publications/ Inclusions in books

The Best Of Pottery 1996
The Ceramic Design Book 1998
Making Ceramic Sculpture 2000
The Contemporary Potter 2000
Handbuilt Dinnerware 2001
Clay Times Magazine Gallery: Jan-Feb 1997
Clay Times Magazine Gallery: Sept-Oct 2000
500 Teapots 2002
500 Bowls 2003
Ceramics Monthly Upfront, March 2003
Robin Hopper:Making Marks 2004
500 Figures in Clay 2004
500 CUPS 2005
500 Animals in Clay
500 Tiles
Crafts Report Magazine, April 2008
, "Organically Connected: Marta Matry goes back to basics"




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