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A friend loaned me a Mavica 81 for a day, these are some of the results

Studio_300x225.jpg (28822 bytes) Wet_Area_300x225.jpg (25763 bytes)
My studio is in the cellar of my house. This is it's normal state of chaos. I plan to install shelves along the whole left wall and that back wall to better organise the space. I have water coming in but no drain so I use two 70 litre rubbish bins, one for cleaning water, one for rinsing. I only have to empty out the sludge occasionally
Kiln_Area_200x267.jpg (22080 bytes) RFOffice_200x267.jpg (27228 bytes) Cozy_Corner_200x267.jpg (28113 bytes)
My kiln breaks down into 3 sections. Every firing is a test. To get results back quickly, I usually only the fire one section This is my home office. I try to make the best use of the tiny space.  Above is a loft where I sleep My living room. Cosy, isn't it? That wall is all shelves providing lots of storage. Again, good use of a very small space.
Fish_Pond_300x225.jpg (39826 bytes) Garden_300x225.jpg (37374 bytes)
"Gold fish meditation". That's what the friend who arranged this space said it was for. it's a nice place to spend an evening.

I've fired pots in that bar-b-que.

My house used to be a convent. The oldest part was build in the 18th century. This is the restored convent garden. This is the view seen by the Mary statue.






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