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Communists, National Liberation Movements
and Third World Solidarity


     Korea (North)

     Korean Central News Agency of Democratic People's Republic of Korea

    Chajusong, About the Juche idea, Kim Il Sung, Kim Jong Il.

    Korea (South)

     KCTU - Official site of the Korean Confederation of Trade Unions, the militant union in South Korea.

     KARAPATAN is the major and most militant human rights alliance in the Philippines.

    Indonesia - East Timor

     The People's Resistance in Indonesia CSVI - Coördinationgroup for Support the People's Resistance in Indonesia

     East Timor Information Pages In 1975, Indonesia invaded East-Timor. Almost 20 years after the invasion, an estimate of nearly 300,000 East-Timorese have been murdered or starved to death by the occupation army. In this server you can find documents and news items that tell you the story...

     Free East Timor


     Free Burma The country of Burma has been under military dictatorship since 1962.

     Sri Lanka

     Tamil Eelam The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE)    

    Latin America


     Union de Militantes por el Socialismo

     Patria Libre


     Izquierda Unida


     Movimiento de Izquirda Revolucionaria - MIR


     Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional - ELN

     Colombia Popular - Servicio Informativo del Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional

     Fuerzas Armadas Revolutionarias del Columbia Ejerico del Pueblo - FARC-EP

     Résistance - en français   



     Radio La Havane

     Juventud Rebelde Cubana

     Cuba Solidarity - InfoMed USA

     Granma, journal du PC

     El Comandante   


     ìA BASTA! - EZLN - Armée zapatiste de Libération nationale

     Guerilla Groups in Mexico - The EZLN, The EPR, The ERIP, and The FALMPG

     Ejército Popular Revolucionario and Partido Democrático Popular Revolucionario


     El Diario Internacional

     Committee to support the revolution in Peru

     Republica dominicana

     Partido Comunista en la Republica Dominicana (marxista-leninista) - PCML

North America


     Parti Communiste du Canada

     Parti Marxiste-Leniniste du Canada


     Unlimited News Service

     Progressive Labour Party

     Communist Party USA

     Youth Communist League USA, Ligue de la Jeunesse communiste

     Marxist Workers' Group 


Middle East


     International Action Center The IAC was initiated in 1992 by former US   Attorney General Ramsey Clark and many antiwar activists to expose the US bombing of innocent Iraqi civilians and the massive destruction of the Iraqi infrastructure. The Center coordinated an International War Crimes Tribunal which implicated the US in gross violations of international law. Since then, the IAC has been a leader in the movements to end US/UN sanctions against Iraq; oppose the expansion of NATO and US/NATO bombing of the Bosnian Serbs; end the thirty-five year blockade of Cuba; and continually oppose US military involvement throughout the globe, from Haiti to Somalia, from Panama to the Philippines, to Palestine.

     Iraq Action Coalition


     Communist Party of Iran

     Worker-Communist Party of Iran

     Organisation of Iranian Peoples Fedaii Guerrillas


     Parti Communiste


     Welcome to Palestine

     Kurdistan & Turkey

     Revolutionary People's Liberation Party-Front - DHKP/C (Turkey)

     Ozgurluk Press-Agency. The struggle for human right, freedom, justice and democracy in Turkey and Kurdistan. Ozgurluk (in Turkish) means freedom.

     Turkiye Komunist Partisi / Marksist Leninist (TKP-ML)

     Inan's Revolutionary Kurdish Resources Page

     Kurdistan Informatie Centrum Nederland

     Solidariteitsgroep Turkije-Kurdistan - In support of the national liberationstruggle of the peoples of Turkey and Kurdistan

     Widerstand - Informationen und Analysen aus der Türkei und Kurdistan

     Communist Party of Turkey

     Kurdish Information Network

     akaKURDISTAN - a place for collective memory and cultural exchange


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