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Saturday, May 07, 2005

See what Gravity can do for you

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LaZ Boy

In our new home, I already have my favourite spot picked out. The giant window on the second floor is going to be where I sit and muse, play, work, whatever. It's a beautiful spot, and I think it deserves a nice little seat. So of to the seat-hunt it goes. I wanted to buy me one of these famous seats. But they seem to be very American-only these days, and the Missus thinks that they are too clunky etc. - so needed to search a bit further. Found a beautiful alternative, but man was that expensive. And then I found the chair I really liked: Gravity. A simple, a-technical chair that is a real joy to watch and sit in. Actually, it's four seats in one unbreakable concept: desk chair, sitting chair, tv sofa and ultimate relaxation chair. Love it already. Ordered it yesterday. Gonna get it in five weeks. Gonna sit in it in front of my window in 2 or 3 months. Mmmmmmmmm....
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