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Cacoxenite on wavellite from Belgium...[left] Cacoxenite-aggregate on top of wavellite crystals. From Haut-le-Wastia, Anhée, Namur, Belgium. SEM-image.

Can you identify the mineral at the bottom of this page ? A no-prize contest... just fun !


Minerals are my passion for more than 25 years. The result is a house full of mineral specimens, representing well over 1500 species.

I try to follow strictly these guidelines :

Belgian minerals are well represented, as well as minerals from the Lengenbach Quarry (Binntal, Wallis, Switzerland) and phosphate minerals. I have a lot of duplicate specimens available for exchange.

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Mineral identification contest... try it, just for fun !
Unknown (?) mineral A few years ago I observed this mineral on a Belgian locality. The needle-like crystals are up to 8 cm (about 3") long and extra-ordinary large for this species. The mineral in question is hexagonal. Any idea ? E-mail me your guess. Sorry, there is no prize. The only reward is a link where you will find out more about this strange mineral, that is not often seen in a collection !
Have fun !



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The background on this page is made of radiating aggregates of vantasselite-crystals