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On these three disks you can find a few nightshots of some pavilions and the starry overpass, pavilion pictures of the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Marocco, Norway and so on. 




On these three disks you can find a few pavilion pictures of the United States, Russia, Canada, Germany and France, also King Baudouin in his Cadillac and some indoor shots of the Sputnik III .




On these three disks you can find a few Atomium shots and pictures of the fun fair, also pictures of  the expo train, hostesses, the water-stairs, the cable-lift, a few sculptures and so on.




On these three disks are pictures of the Folklore Section with shots of typical reconstructed historical places.

Also photo’s of the modern section, the fun fair and the activities organized in this cosy village.




On this disk,

mostly in- and outdour shots of the impressive Atomium.

You can look at pictures taken inside the tubes and a few close-ups of the spherses and the reception hall.

Please use packets to view the diskes !

ViewMaster reels World’s Fair Brussels 1958


ViewMaster History

First a little history about the company that brings the adventure alive. View-Master® has a long and successful history. The first View-Masters'® were manufactured by Sawyer's Inc. in Portland, Oregon. The stereo viewing as we know it today was invented in the late 1930's in Portland, Oregon by William Gruber and Harold Graves, president of Sawyer's. Sawyer's was the nation's largest producer of scenic postcards in the 1920's and it would seem the viewer was an excellent extension of the two - dimensional cards.

The reels were sold in department stores across the country and are still being produced today. The company has become an international product with Sawyer's selling out to General Aniline and Film Corporation (GAF) in 1966. The company then went into a limited partnership in 1981 to Arnold Thaler who reversed a negative decline in the product. Mr. Thaler purchased Ideal Toys who was purchased by TYCO who is the current producer of View Master Products

ViewMaster Expo Tour

Underneath you will find 5 VM-buttons. Each button opens a page with pictures of three ViewMaster reels which, except the last button opens a page with only one ViewMaster reel. This tour gives you a good overview of Expo 58.

Usa editons of the Brussels world fair 1958, R1990 and B760.

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