Expo Souvenirs

Expo bookmarker


Official memorial books


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Fair hostess


This scale-model of a Citroën DS was part of the French pavilion

An occasional table printed with an Expo map

‘Seteney’s’ in three different colors.

Those walking-sticks with seat are real collector items


rediscovers artifacts

from the 1958 World Fair



This exhibition of objects from the 1958 Brussels World Fair covered 800 square metres and three globes of the Atomium (itself five storeys high).


Several hundred items were shown concentrating on three main themes: the 50s; the World Fair of 1958; the Atomium and its construction.


The works on display came from various collections here and abroad. They were chosen for their symbolic and aesthetic value; they took us back to an optimistic era, one in which creativity and a belief in progress plus the discovery of new materials allowed a certain freedom of expression which remains an inspiration to the artists, architects and designers of today. 


“An abundance of new materials: Leatherette, aluminium, polyester, mosaic, plastic coverings all set the tone. Under structures of very pure lines, amongst sophisticated lighting effects, the interior designers, lovers of contrast, joyfully mixed these materials in a rainbow of colours.

Often using surprising shapes - artists’ palettes, shells, soft triangles scattered with stars and neutrons - they created a simple but heady cocktail.

After the euphoric feelings at the creation of the ‘atomic style’, the huge contradictions in society became obvious; the relaxed American style, the ingenuity of system D from France, the dull Scandinavian style, the futuristic Latin-American style, the electronic style, the lyrical, abstract style, the movement evident in the sculpted armchair, the chic style, the good-taste style from Milan, the uncompromising German look, and not forgetting our own ‘shooting stick’ seats.

This array of objects, environments, and surprising harmonies, spread out as it was between the Heysel and Laeken, is as intoxicating today as it was in 1958."

Original Expo 58 posters

The exhibition shows very rare Expo-toys

Expo Souvenirs and Relics


Maybe there are made thousands and thousands of 'Expo 58 items' since Belgium decided to organize the world exhibition.


Because a lack of catalogues, nobody can tell the exactly numbers of those today's collector items.


So many things, with a link to Expo 58, were released. Stuff like toy's, ashtrays, plate's, tin boxes, glasses, coins, stamps, vases, pin's, school books, jewellery, lighters, beer mats, matchboxes,  tableware and so on got furnished with an Expo logo.

Once, there even was Expo bread and Expo ice-cream. Today, some stores in Belgium still have variatons of those items in stock.


On these pages you can see a few examples from my private collection and pictures from the  exhibition “Rediscovers artifacts from the 1958 World Fair" that was running a couple years ago in the Atomium.






Official USA brochure


Ticket Expo-Train

Pass-ticket Congressist

Ticket Corbeille production

Grand Auditorium

Pass-ticket Congressist

Form of the IBM Ramac computer which was an attraction of the USA pavilion

Expo-Pass for radio reporters

Esso world fair map


Cast-iron emblem

Tin box by Jacques Chocolats

Persil publicity tissue

Different glasses with

Expo logo

Expo 58 cloth pennant

Golden sleeve buttons

Porcelain ashtray

 Atomium in bell-glass with snow effect

Mini Atomium on marble socket

Bigger Atomium modells on marble sockets

Art Deco Brass lighter

Small dish with Atomium picture

Small dish with Atomium picture

Brass ashtray

Plastic button made during exhibition

Some stamps and paper money

Some Expo pins

Commemoration penny

50 francs coin

Atomium based cigarette holder

Expo song score

Plastic plate with

Atomium graphic

Spoon souvenirs with certificate and cardboard box

Expo-bread spoons and forks

Messing plate with

Atomium picture

Period pass-ticket various manifestations

Expo 58 day-ticket

Rings with Expo logo

Expo matchbox

Tin box: Souvenir of World’s Fair Brussels 1958

Tin box: Celebrating the Brussels W.F. Exhibition 1958

Tin box: Brussels 1958

Ashtray with province scutcheons

Plastic dinner tray with nation flags

45 rpm single:

 The River Kwai March