belgian section viewed from atomiumfolklore section viewed from atomiumforeign section viewed from atomium

The Sections

porte du parcporte atomiumporte esplanadeporte du belvedereporte royalporte beneluxporte du grand palaisporte mondialporte nationsporte d'attractions





















Expo Avenues


Visitors could use a functional road-network  at the expo terrains. About 25 avenues and a lot of smaller alleys winded among the pavilions.


There were the  following avenues in the north, at the top of the expomap:

·                 Avenue De L’Esplanade

·                 Avenue Des Fêtes

·                 Avenue Des Attractions

·                 Avenue Des Grandes Palais


Southwards, in the center and at the bottom of the expomap:

·                 Avenue De Belgique

·                 Avenue De Congo

·                 Avenue De Benelux

·                 Avenue De L’Urundi

·                 Avenue De Ruanda


In the centre , in the Belgian section:

·                 Avenue De La Construction

·                 Avenue De Passerelle

·                 Avenue De L’Agriculture

·                 Avenue De L’Atomium


In the centre of the Foreign section:

·                 Avenue Des Nations

·                 Avenue Du Park

·                 Avenue Des Frondaisons

·                 Avenue De L’Europe


On the right of the Foreign section:

·                 Avenue D’Asie

·                 Avenue De L’Orient

·                 Avenue Des Dahlias

·                 Avenue De Belvedere

·                 Avenue De La Dynastie

·                 Avenue Des Alpes

·                 Avenue De La Mere Du Nord

·                 Avenue De Pacifique

·                 Avenue De L’Amerique Latine



View of the Benelux Avenue with right the Netherland pavilion and left the Benelux one.

View from the Atomium stairs shows the Folklore Section

The Foreign Sections viewed from

the Atomium restaurant

Joy the world !


At the dawn of the third millenium, Brussels invites all nations of the Universe side by side, to express theirs hope together; to interpret the oracle of a bright new era; to testify to their sincerity their efforts for the realization of a more human World.


Another view from Atomium to the Belgian Section

Belgian SectionForeign SectionInternational SectionFolklore Sectionbenelux avenue 2benelux gateattractions gate

Frequent used entrances for the fair were the Benelux Gate and the Attractions Gate

Flags of all participating nations at the Mondial Gate

gate mondialAttractions ParkScience & Fine ArtsBelgian Congo Section

Seven sections to visit


Once people got access they were able to visit the seven different sections.


One third or about 66 ha of the Expo territory was allocated by the BELGIAN SECTION. 28 of communal pavilions, 30 individual accounts and 14 associated companies were housed in the main halls.  Most of this section reproduced the Belgium trade and industry. Also SCIENCE & FINE ARTS  was part of this section


Another third (47 ha) was grabbed by the FOREIGN SECTION.  This section was  well represented by submissions from 46 countries.  The most part of it was occupied by the USA, USSR and France pavilions.


On the remaining third part there was an 8 hectares large section of BELGIAN CONGO with 7 pavilions. The south part of this section got occupied by a tropical garden.


Also in this part was the INTERNATIONAL SECTION with 5 pavilions of worldwide organisations on 1,5 hectares.


In another region of this part got the FOLKLORE SECTION located.  Against separate entrance fee people could visit this 5 ha large domain with middle aged buildings provided with many restaurants, bistro’s, café’s and souvenir shops.

A fun fair with the newest ATTRACTIONS was nearby.


Also there were a lot of places to eat and drink at Expo 58, from small snackbars to high class RESTAURANTS.


OTHER typical designed Expo constructions like the illuminated water stairs and the overpass were spread all over the exhibition site.

Expo site accessible by ten gates


During the fifties the Brussels capitol became, due to the world fair, a major and thorough adaptation of its road network. Via 45 kms new road surfaces, and 7,5 kms of tunnels and viaducts people could easily reach the exhibition.


The 200 hectares large Expo site of whom about 100 hectares got built on was divided into seven sections surrounded with several grounds with 110 hectares parking facilities.


Ten typical gates gave visitors entrance to the exhibition:


 1. Porte de Esplanade

  2. Porte de l’Atomium

  3. Porte du Parc

  4. Porte du Belvedere

  5. Porte Royale

  6. Porte Benelux

  7. Porte d’ Attractions

  8. Porte Mondiale

  9. Porte des Nations

10. Porte des Grands Palais






Click buttons to visit the sections or click regions on map.


Also you can click here  for a detailled map of Expo58

The Atomium, surrounded with 6 sections, was the heart of the exhibition.

Picture taken down from the panoramic watchtower shows the second part of the Attraction Park and partly  the Modern Section