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Expo 58 Museum


Early 2007 we were invited to the official opening of François Van Kerckhoven’s Expo 58 Museum.

Last year he spent a couple months for rebuilding his garage to a room where he can show now the majority of his enormous collection.

Unbelievable but more than 10 000 items are categorised in that room which are synoptically presented in show cases, mounted on the wall’s or put away in maps.

We were the very first honoured guests of the museum but on appointment it’s also open to the public. (see Contact on top of this page)




Last weeks your webmaster got very busy times. There was the promotion of his book ‘Expo 58’ and the many interviews concerning the commemoration.

So here are a few links were you can see and hear your webmaster ‘on air’.

Also there are several links to online articles.

Tags: Rudolph Nevi, TVL, book Expo 58, Limbourg, Expo relics

Tags: Rudolph Nevi, Radio 2, Expo 58, expo food, relics

Tags: Expo Mars, Stroobanders, Diepenbeek commemoration, 

Tags: Rudolph Nevi, Radio 2, Expo 58, cable car, expo trains,

Rudolph Nevi got involved by many projects concerning the commemoration of Expo 58. Here some names:

Terug naar Expo 58, Tentoonstelling Atomium, Expo 58 openingsshow, Belgavox, RTBF, TVL, Radio 2, Canvas, VRT, Ring TV, Studio Hasselt, ABC, Van Halewyck, Lannoo, Openbaar Kunstbezit, De Post, Humo, Plus Magazine, CJP,  Belang van Limburg, Nieuwsblad, Het Laatste Nieuws, OKV, Standaard, Gazet van Antwerpen, Dag Allemaal, Frankfurter Rundschau...









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In 2008 Nevi’s cable car was part of the Atomium exhibition.

!!! Attention please !!!


This Expo 58 website explains an unique piece of Belgian history.

It is historical, informative and educational interpreted and created without commercial point of view.

Almost all data, pictures and photographs comes from private archive.

This website contains a lot of material, maybe there still are (copy)rights for some.

If there are people who can legally prove to claim some rights please let me know and I will take the necessary measures.


Also there is copyright to this site. By previous approval of the webmaster and/or mention of the source, all data of this website may be used for personal or non-profit use.



Since march 2004 we got a (free) domain name:


Update mai 2008

Adaption of the complete website.

From now on, there is also a Dutch version available.


Update december 2008

Adding of a new webpage with information of the ‘ 2008 Commemoration’.


Update october 2009

There are links to YouTube video’s about the 2008 commemoration.

(see Expo Press on this page)


Due copyright, from now on there is no more background music on these webpages. As compromise I put some links to Expo Hits on YouTube. See list on this page.


Protected images are covered with a copyright label.


A couple words from the webmaster


I’m a graphic designer who works for the local council in my hometown Diepenbeek since 1987. I also have to do the printed matters for this institution.


Partly due to my job I realize that we’re living in a new century. Once I get home I go back in time ... listen to jukebox music ... read some nostalgic magazines and books ... enjoying the 50’s design of my retro interior ... looking ViewMaster reels ... playing vintage guitars ... restoring old objects ... working with oldtimers, driving classic cars and bikes.


So, I got many hobby’s, oldtimers, all kinds of fifties/sixties stuff and all about music (rock band, home studio, guitars and amps, jukebox, record collections, retro radio’s and tape recorders …) are only a few examples.


I must say, I’m a real nostalgicus with an enormous passion  for the past.


So when you’re curious about my other hobby’s, please visit  my  websites !


Specials thanks to: Renilde Duchamps, Joery Leen, François Van Kerckhoven, Guy Desloges, Vanderschueren-Denie, Armand Louis, Gerard Cobut , Ivo Bovy, Michael Simm, Roger Frederix, Emile Penet, City of Namur, Freddy Van de Putte, Raoul Theeuws, Marcel Grauls, Xavier De Guchteneere, Bill Cotter and Evil-Les Ringoir  for their help, gifts and information on this Expo 58 website.







For more info about this website, suggestions and general questions about the world exhibition, please use this e-mail address:


For more specific information about Expo 58 and collector items, please contact François Van Kerckhoven, he is one of the biggest Expo collectors in Belgium.

You can also visit François’ website about Expo 58











With the following links you can visit other interesting websites about Expo 58 and other nostalgic sites.


Atomium Brussels: Official Atomium Site


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The Fifties:  Achim Schmidtke website


Exposition Universelle de Bruxelles 1910: Expo 1910


Terugblik op Expo 58: Dutch text about Expo 58


Wereldtentoonstelling Pagina: World Fairs Portal


MBLE: Many pictures of the MBLE tube based pavilion


Atom– a: Belgian design and tourist information


Zoom 58: visit Expo 58 virtually


Expo Architecture: Discriptions of Expo pavilions







Flip Vanstreels got an interview with Rudolph Nevi about this Expo 58 website.

It was broadcasted on 23 April 2002 at 7h45 a.m. by the National Radio Station Radio 2 in Belgium.







Belgian TV station VTM invited us for an Atomium interview. It was broadcasted on august 11-2005 for the program “Hart voor Vlaanderen”

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Site of the day; De Morgen newspaper

2005 may 26

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 February 2006, on the occasion of the reopeing of the Atomium National Radio Station Radio 2 had a short interview with Nevi

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Plus Magazine

Article about the Expo 58 relics with  photographs taken by R. Nevi

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De Jukebox Fanaat

Expo 58 article with photographs from this site in connection with the AMI I (expo) jukebox

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A bunch of Expo fanatics during the official opening ceremony of the 2006 “Expo 58 exhibition” From left to right: Organizer Françiois Van Kerckhovven, architect Christian Kiesecoms, your webmaster and Mr. ViewMaster Evel-Les Ringoir with his wife.

Expo 58 Commemoration


2008, the year of the Expo 58 commemoration. Not only Belgium celebrated this memorable fact, also other nations paid attention to the fiftieth anniversary of this world’s fair.


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!!! NEW - NEW - NEW !!!


Just released: “Expo Relics”, my second book concerning the remnants of Expo 58. Click here to order !