A Belgian customs office with an Expo hostess while providing foreigners with Expo information

Expo Visitors

Prince Renier and princess Grace Kelly with a few highly placed persons

Many people = many rubbish

Romy Schneider takes a look in an Expo brochure

A delegation women from Belgian Limbourg pose in front of the mighty arrow of the Civil Engineering.  Miniature Belgium is just behind them

Gigantic bill boards with Coca Coladrinkin’ expo hostess invited people to the exhibition.

Audrey Hepburn while posing near the Atomium together with her doggy

People of different nations visited the exhibition, some of them in traditional dress. Here a woman from Zeeland / Holland

After his visit in the Holy See pavilion, the cardinal used the airway services of Sabena. An Expo-delegation wove him goodbye at the Melsbroek airport.

Also a large team of expo-guides were active during the exhibition. Both women and men got eligible for this position. But an aknowledge of different languages was a surplus.



Same woman posed with the Caravelle in the transportation pavilion

Many stairs were part of the Expo grounds and pavilions. It was not for everyone equally easy to visit the exhibition

These pictures show the wrong footgear to visit the exhibition. Spike heels are very sexy but moviestar Linda Christians change her mind about it !

Very wearisome to carry little children during a long Expo day

The wrong way to visit  Expo 58

Dear Sirs, may I have your special attention for the line and design of this Belgian production

Sometimes lovers need some privacy. This couple enjoying the romantic atmosphere of a pretty garden at the back of the Argentine pavilion.

270 Expo-hostesses to take care of the fair visitors. Here you can see a few of them during their training periode.

As you can see, the Atomium is still under construction.





Posing Expo hostesses in front of their city info-office

King Baudouin welcomes Sophia Loren at the 1958 Movie festival which took place in the Heysel Palace

Some nice family shots on different locations at Expo 58

Private pictures of common Expo visitors

This handsome musician is now the mayor of my hometown Diepenbeek. Together with his brass band he took part in a contest-parade which was organized in the Cheerful Belgium section.

There was a lot to see at the transportation pavilion. This boy was very impressed by the trains of the railway’s section.

He’s now a train-driver.

Flemish woman in the romantic harbor vicinity of the Monaco pavilion.

The first vistior of Expo 58 was this Texan gentleman who camped out 3 nights before the world fair opened the gates.

He absolutely got to claim the first ticket.


Already after a few day’s Expo 58 opened the doors Mrs. Lydie Doms (right) became the one millionth visitor of the world fair.

Mrs. Thrash from Arkansas became the ten millionth.


These unique events got international press attention.

The First

The One Millionth

The Ten Millionth

Finally 41 454 412 people visited Expo 58

1956: a busy year for Expo headmaster Moens de Fernig. Here with its wife during a promotion visit in the US

For this photo shoot pavilion hostesses and their photographer had to climb a roof

Migrant promotion trucks  drew many people outside

Via an outside entrance partygoers got direct acces to Cheerful Belgium

The woman’s union of my hometown Diepenbeek posing in front of the USA pavilion

Typical fifties dressed woman at the Esplanade Square

A lot to walk at the Brussels world fair

Taking photographes: the most favourit game during the exhibition

One of the 300 charming Expo hostesses

Often, when people got troubles they made an appeal to fair-hostesses. This one smoothly helps an Indian business man

Often, after visiting the Expo pavilions visitors went to the attractions at night

Expo Visitors:

From king to coalminer


All types of people from all over the world brought Expo 58 a visit. 300 hostesses and a large number of voluntary interpreters got recruted to take care of the Expo visitors.


There were the official visits of highly placed persons like the Belgian royalties and kings and queens from other states, together with their princely retinue, heads of state, presidents and ministers. Mostly as a result of the national day of their country they honoured Expo 58 with a visit.


Celebrities like movie stars, sport stars and singers and musicians came by for a visit. Usually they were invited for the daily live broadcasts or they did gigs in some pavilions.

Here a few remarkable visits of Sophia Loren, Jane Mansfield, Romy Schneider, Fernandel, Audrey Hepburn, Walt Disney, Queen Juliana of Holland, English Princes Margareth, the prince couple of Monaco and the blitz visits of Charles De Gaul and president Eisenhower.


But the majority of those present were regular people like you and me. The worker, the clerk, the retired couple, the schoolgoing youth... They just went by for a happy journey with their family and friends. Most of the newlyweds celebrated their honeymoon at the world fair. Even some marriages got consecrated in the church of the Cividas Dei.


Teachers organized school trips for the younger crowd and for the older students was an Expo visit an instructive experience.


Also there were people who only went to the fairground attractions and the folklore section. The real partygoers who just liked the amusing atmosphere of Expo 58. Especially for this kind of Expo visitor these sections were open day and night. !


Famous architect Le Corbussier

Mother and daughter ready for a ride with the cable lift