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Expo Screen-Shots

Expo Screen-Shots


Because I realize that it takes some time to explore this Expo 58 Site in detail, I decided to create a compact general survey of the world exhibition.


I took this opportunity to use some screen shots of my Expo video collection.

This collection contains sequences of real amateur and professional recordings taken during the construction, the fair and the demolition.


Mostly full colour pictures and some authentic monochroom shots give you never before seen views of Expo 58.

Many water contructions were spreaded over the exhibition site

The beatiful plantations of the main entrance at the Esplanade

Flowers and fountains created nice combinations

At the waterfront of Monaco with view to the British participation

The 450 metres long waterstairs

The waterstairs had its end at the Benelux gate with this circular pool

The popular pool of the US contribution

The pool was surrounded with apple trees

The rotating fountains of the pool

The Passerel winded over the Foreign Section

Nice views from the Passerel

The Passerel was a 450 metres long elevated bridge

Also a fun fair was part of the exhibition

Expo 58: fun for young and old

The International Section viewed from Atomium

And a lot of artwork at Expo 58

The newest technologies, here the machine park of the Civil Engineering

Science at the world fair with early space travel like this Russian Sputnik

Most of the Expo works began allready in the year 1955..

Attachment of an Atomium tube.

Open frame of an Atomium sphere.

Mainstreet of the Foreign Section

Benelux Square with central cable-lift station and pavilion of France in the back

Banners at the Esplanade Square

17 april 1958: Expo 58 opened the gates

150 000 visitors at the first day

More than 41 000 000 people visited the world fair

People from all kinds of nations, some in traditional dress came by for a visit

After a long Expo walk

It was a long hot summer in 1958

Belgians discovered new food at the exhibition

An Expo guardian

One of the 270 fair-hostesses

Expo trains brought visitors to several stop places

Visitors could also use the cable lift

The central station of the cable lift with one of the more than 70 restaurants alongside

That's things nice and tidy again

The day after, workers clean up the place

19 october 1958: the end of Expo 58

But most of them were pulled down and became rubble

A few  were sold ...

Short after the exhibition workers started dismantling the buildings

Even the replica buildings of the Cheerful Belgium Section faded away ...

… Till there was nothing left !

Fair hostess

Click television to visit the second page and see the screen shots of the Expo constructions !



 to visit the second page and see the screen shots of the Expo constructions !