Jan II van Avesnes
geboren rond 1247 in Brabant, gestorven 22-8-1304
begraven in de Franciscaner kerk van Valenciennes
Graaf van Holland 1299-1304 en Henegouwen 1280-1304. Hij huwde Philippina van Luxemburg. Hij volgde Jan I (de kinderloos gestorven zoon van Floris V) op, nadat hij zijn invloed als voogd had doen gelden.


Willem III 'de goede', graaf van Holland en Henegouwen 1304-1337
geboren circa 1286, gestorven 8 June 1337 te Valenciennes, zoon van Jan II van Avesnes, graaf van Holland en Henegouwen en Philippine van Luxemburg; op 23 mei 1305 te Longpont, huwde hij Jeanne de Valois.

In the time of knights and castles, Willem III, Count of Holland, Zeeland and Hainault for thirty-three years, was more a "political businessman". He achieved his influence not by the sword but by marriage alliances. Married himself to the sister of the French king, his son and heir married the only child and heir of the Duke of Brabant; his daughter, Philippa, married King Edward III of England;
and his eldest daughter, Margaretha, made the most important alliance when she married Emperor Ludwig IV.

Because of the peace during his reign, he was able to re-organise the administration of his counties and evolve a better tax system. He also improved the legal system and saw to it that justice was done. One of his judges, knowing the Count to be ill, had taken a healthy and beautiful cow from a poor farmer, the only cow the farmer possessed, replacing it with a poor specimen. The farmer went to the Count for justice and this judge was summoned and ordered to compensate the farmer. Once this was done, the Count took his sword and handed it to his executioner who, in the Count's room, beheaded the judge.

Nicholas d'Avesnes Matilda de la Roche   Boudewijn V van Henegouwen Alice van Namen Henry de Champagne b: 1126 Marie de France
b: APR 1138
James d'Avesnes b: ABT. 1150 in of Avenes, Leuse, & Conde, FRA Adelfia de Guise b: ABT. 1155 in of Guise, Aisne, FRA Boudewijn VI van Henegouwen Margaretha van Lotharingen (Marie de Champagne) Willem I van Holland
b: ABT 1167 in 'S-Gravenhage
Aleid van Gelre
b: ABT 1187 in Zutphen
Bouchard d'Avesnes
b: ABT. 1180 in of Avesnes, Pas-de-Calais, FRA
Margaret of Flanders
b: 2 JUN 1202 in Constantinople, Turkey

Floris IV de Holland
Birth: 24 JUN 1210 in 'S-Gravenhage, Death: 19 JUL 1234 in France,

Mathilde van Brabant b: ABT 1200 in 'S-Hertogenbosch,  Married: BEF 6 DEC 1224  
  Jan van Avesnes Birth: 1 MAY 1218 in Etraeungt, N-Fr Death: 24 DEC 1256 in Valenciennes, Nord, FRA Note: Count Hainault, of Regent of Holland Aleida van Holland
b: ABT. 1225 Married: SEP 1246
    Jan II van Avesnes
Birth: ABT. 1247 in Brabant, Holland Death: 22 AUG 1304 in Valenciennes,Note: Count of Holland 1299-1304 and Hainault 1280-1304; buried Church of the Franciscans, Valenciennes
Philippa de Luxembourg
    Marie de Hainault Margaret of Holland Guillaume III d'Avesnes
Willem III 'de goede'

De dochter van Willem III d'Avesnes, Margaretha van Holland, Gravin van Holland, Zeeland en Henegouwen, huwt Ludwig IV von Wittelsbach.

  • Margaret de Holland , Sex: F, Birth: 1311, Death: 23 JUN 1356 in Le Quesnoy, Note: Countess of Holland, Zeeland, and Hainault

    Father: Guillaume III d'Avesnes b: ABT. 1286
    Mother: Jeanne de Valois b: ABT. 1294 in Valois, FRA

    Marriage 1 Ludwig IV von Wittelsbach b: 1 APR 1282 in Munchen


    1. Has No Children Stephen II von Wittelsbach
    2. Has Children Elisabeth of Bavaria b: 1329
    3. Has Children Albrecht I of Bavaria b: 25 JUL 1336 in Munich
    4. Has No Children Otto V of Bavaria b: BEF. 18 APR 1346

  • Albrecht I of Bavaria 1 , Sex: M , Birth: 25 JUL 1336 in Munich 2 , Death: 13 DEC 1404 in The Hague 2 , Note: Duke of Bavaria, Count of Holland, Zeeland, & Hainault; regent after 1357/8 of Holland, hainaut and Zeeland for his insane brother William V; the marriages of his children drew him into the Burgundian orbit; founder of the Carmelite cloister and two knightly orders; neither energetic nor able; his rule saw a series of controversies between nobles and bourgeoise in which he wavered; disputed with and ejected his heir; his widow declined to administer his insolvent estate.

    Father: Ludwig IV von Wittelsbach b: 1 APR 1282 in Munchen
    Mother: Margaret de Holland b: 1311

    Marriage 1 Margarethe von Schlesien-Brieg b: ABT. 1343


    1. Has Children Margareta von Wittelsbach b: 1363 in Gravenhage, Z-Hlln, Netherlands
    2. Has Children Johanna Sophia of Bavaria b: ABT. 13 SEP 1377 in Le Quesnoy
    3. Has No Children Jeanne of Bavaria b: ABT. 1362

    Guillaume III d'Avesnes

    Jeanne de Valois

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    Margaretha van Holland
    Married: 26 FEB 1323/24 in Koln

    Ludwig IV von Wittelsbach b: 1 APR 1282 in Munchen


    Albrecht I of Bavaria

    Margarethe von Schlesien-Brieg

    Margareta von Wittelsbach

    Jean de Bourgogne

    Philippe III Duke of Burgundy

  • Philippe III Duke of Burgundy , Sex: M , Birth: 31 JUL 1396 in Dijon, Death: 15 JUN 1467 in Bruges, Note: "le bon" A political genius and passionate patron of the arts and chivalry; he established the Order of the Golden Fleece in 1430; first recognized Henry V of England as King of France, but in 1435 acknowledged Charles VII, from whom he exacted Ponthieu and other border lands; augmented Burgundian power in the Netherlands through acquisitions of Namur, Holland, Hainaut, Brabant, Limburg, and Luxemburg; subdued Ghent, reorganized the administration of his lands; enjoyed 3 wives and mistresses almost without number and had at least 25 bastards.

    Father: Jean de Bourgogne b: 28 MAY 1371 in Dijon, Cote-d'Or, FRA
    Mother: Margareta von Wittelsbach b: 1363 in Gravenhage, Z-Hlln, Netherlands

    Marriage 1 Mistress


    1. Has Children Antoine "le Grand batard de Bourgogne b: ABT. 1421

    Marriage 2 Isabel Princess of Portugal b: 21 FEB 1396/97 in Evora


    1. Has Children Charles of Burgundy b: 11 NOV 1433 in Dijon

  • Name: Charles of Burgundy 1
  • Sex: M
  • Birth: 11 NOV 1433 in Dijon
  • Death: 5 JAN 1476/77 in Nancy
  • Note: "le Téméraire" As Duke of Burgundy attepted to gain independence from France and died in battle.

    Father: Philippe III Duke of Burgundy b: 31 JUL 1396 in Dijon
    Mother: Isabel Princess of Portugal b: 21 FEB 1396/97 in Evora

    Marriage 1 Isabelle de Bourbon b: ABT. 1435


    1. Has Children Marie of Burgundy b: 13 FEB 1456/57 in Brussels, Brabant
  • Name: Marie of Burgundy
  • Sex: F
  • Birth: 13 FEB 1456/57 in Brussels, Brabant
  • Death: 27 MAR 1482 in Bruges, Flanders
  • Note: Duchess, buried at Bruges. Heiress of Burgundy but ruler only in the Netherlands, Artois and Franche-Comte since Louis XI seized her Bugundian lands in 1477 when her father died.

    Father: Charles of Burgundy b: 11 NOV 1433 in Dijon
    Mother: Isabelle de Bourbon b: ABT. 1435

    Marriage 1 Maximilian I von Habsburg b: 22 MAR 1458/59 in Wiener-Neustadt, Austria


    1. Has Children Philippe I von Habsburg b: 21 JUN 1478 in Bruges, Flanders