Here we go again with another great metal band from Texas - USA ! Let me introduce you the mighty ANIALATOR, IMO, one of the most underrated thrash metal bands...
Founded way back in 1986, the band released its 1988 demo on Wild Rags. The original line up features Alex Dominguez who was part of DEVASTATION (USA - TX, not to be confused with DEVASTATION from IL). Despite of being really promising, ANIALATOR never managed to achieve a correct deal and the band split up in 1989. Some members formed SUFFERANCE at this moment. Before spliting, the band released an MLp.
ANIALATOR is without doubt one of the best outfit from TEXAS among with NECROVORE and INFERNAL DEATH.
Even if many will tell you ANIALATOR is a "not bad but not really memorable band", I enjoin you to discover or to re-discover this outstanding metal gem !

S/T demo 1988 (Wild Rags)

1. Anialator

2. Nuclear Destruction

3. Extermination By Dawn

4. Mission Of Death

S/T 12" (Wild Rags - 1989)

Also exists as a red Lp and as a PicLp.

1. Felicide

2. No Future

3. Fatal Decision

4. Anialator

5. Mission of Death

A great classic ANIALATOR shirt...