Where Rimbaud and Verlaine used to wander in the Belgian Ardennes, the ancient village of Redu became a "Village du Livre" in 1984. Redu is a small historic village in the Belgian Ardennes. It is situated 450 m. above sea level and is surrounded by fields, pastures and forests.

Redu has been established as a book village since Easter 1984, when Messrs Noel Anselot, Richard Booth, Gerard Valet, Henri Lambert and the mayor of the independent municipality of that time, Leon Magin, founded the first book village on the continent, in imitation of Richard Booth in Haye-on-Wye.

In those days Redu was almost extinct. Now it is a very lively part of a more extensive municipality, Libin. Most bookshops in Redu buy and sell second hand and old books and are open all year in weekends, but in midwinter some shops are closed. Many book shops are open on weekdays also. After visiting (some of) the book and/or art shops and the spectacular Euro Space Center, you can enjoy the famous Belgian gastronomy.

Soyez les bienvenus!

For more information about Redu please visit www.redu-villagedulivre.be.

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