Time series
The whole mighty flow of Time
February 2005

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Time series 01
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Time series 02
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Time series 04
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Time series 05
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Time series 14

When I was 13 years old in Allababad school in India , one of my favourite teacher had written in my autograph book ART SHOULD NOT BE JUST FOR ART SHAKE , ART SHOULD BE FOR LIFE”. I never forgot this line which has changed my life. Since then as I am a gifted artist from the childhood , I have taken this mantra from my teacher and used my graphic art to reveal and highlight human problems such as social disparities , women rights , girl trafficking , peace and wars etc.

I feel that if my works can change just a bit the way that people think , this will be the best reward for me.

In this frame of mind , my most recent works grouped under the title TIME Series , is the result of a reflection on the ephemeral nature of human life in face of Time and History. I got fascinated by the fact that human beings who are so proud , full of ego , greedy and power hungry , who can hate , love , fight so passionately , last so little on this earth. The person who was born here or there , has to go soon or later , alone without any power , money , property , name , family , the way he or she came alone , the same way than every body else.The time does not forgive or forget anyone , whether rich , poor , king or any powerful one. What we leave on this earth is only our Karma (our work) , our efforts to make our generation and the next to be kind and nice human……

Here is my quest : to help all human beings to accept the Truth of life and to try their best to be a nice person. As time is passing , merging every things in the not so memorable past , one should feel the urge to do some good work and try to keep alive some good feeling and wisdom within these who will survive us as did Lord Krishna , Buddha , Mahatma Gandhi , Mother Theresa…

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