Ferbach : a model railway at 1/87 scale


Under the roof of the Ferbach train shed. Building the station has been described step by step in the French magazine Loco-Revue from 1991 to 1993.

Ferbach is a medium size town of north-eastern France. It is situated near the German border at the bottom of the Vosges mountain range, known for its round low level summits. You will find no mention of Ferbach on an official map as it is a pure fantaisy born from my invention in 1976. Ferbach station is a busy border station with engines and customs facilities on a made-to-believe rail link between Sarrebruck (Germany) and Metz (France). The Ferbach myth has taken shape progressively through quite a number of articles published by several magazines, notably the French Loco-Revue. Ferbach is the main city of my H0 layout still under construction. It shall be the theme of a two-part book scheduled for publication in 2013-2016. Several languages versions shall be available.

Here are some early informations and facts on my "hard" work which began over a third-century ago. Many more details, all together constructive, inspiring, operating and ...philosophical, will be recorded in the two coming books.
Thank you for being patient !


Updated : January 18, 2011