Graphviz dot mode for emacs

An emacs mode for "The DOT Language", used by graphviz ( and att).

;;; Commentary:
;; Use this mode for editing files in the dot-language ( and
;; To use graphviz-dot-mode, add
;; (load-file "PATH_TO_FILE/graphviz-dot-mode.el")
;; to your .emacs or ~/.xemacs/init.el
;; The graphviz-dot-mode will do font locking, indentation, preview of graphs
;; and eases compilation/error location. There is support for both GNU Emacs
;; and XEmacs.
;; Font locking is automatic, indentation uses the same commands as
;; other modes, tab, M-j and C-M-q. Insertion of comments uses the
;; same commands as other modes, M-; . You can compile a file using
;; M-x compile or C-c c, after that M-x next-error will also work.
;; There is support for viewing an generated image with C-c p.

You can find graphviz-dot-mode.el here.

You can mail me with any comment, suggestion or correction.