The Telegrams 1925-1984

Evolution of this new Postal Service

In March 1924 the “National Work for the Wellbeing of Children” proposed to set up a service for luxury telegrams in Belgium, following Sweden and Switzerland.

On 21 July 1925 the first Telegram on a luxury form was distributed.

  Telegram nr.1

  nr.10 nr13

A major part of the revenue went to charity organizations which had grouped together in a partnership: “Grouping of the Works”

Some organizations:    -    Work for the Wellbeing of Children

-        Belgian Red Cross

-        Work against Cancer….etc.

Another part of the revenue went to the Social Service of the Post Office since 1930.

The Telegrams knew a big interest and had their peak in the years 1948-1956.

In 1983 there was almost no interest any more from the public because the users used more picture postcards.

Therefore a new suitable alternative was looked for and the Post Office designed an illustrated postcard named “The Postogram”. This was introduced on 1 April 1984 and the Telegram was abolished on 1 May 1984.

The Telegrams were distributed in the different languages of the country:

V= Flemish, F= French, DF=German-French, FN=French-Dutch

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