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Hello, my name is Ludo Thomassetti, I am 55 years old and I work as a postman in a rural municipality. I’m married to Josephine Winters and we have two beautiful kids, Luc, 28 years old and An, 19 years young.

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And Toby, is our watchdog.

My hobby’s are collecting Postal Cards of Belgium, playing billiards and trying to keep the computer under control.
Collecting Postal Cards is a passion to me and it is often so difficult to find information about it. That is why I would like to answer many of your questions. The simplest way is to send an E-mail.
You are also being helped with your shortage-lists.
If you have something beautiful in the way of this matter, then I will always be prepared to give some explanation, within my possibilities.

Thank you for the visit and I would like to wish you a lot of enjoyment.

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