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What are Belgian Postal Stationerys?

These are Postal Cards and postal articles, with an imprinted seal, which are only offered to you in the Belgian post offices. Hereupon the "postograms" makes an exception. They donít have an imprinted seal. The Postal Cards are being collected "new" and/or "used".
Usually when they are still "new" they are more valuable than when they are already "used". Yet, it often happens that the devaluation stamp has more value because of its rarity, and not because of the postcard where it is stamped on.
The undermentioned example shows us a domestic postal card with a paid answer, catalogue number 24. Normally this one is quoted 10 BEF, but through the abroad stamping "London" it is quoted 500 BEF. So, make sure you examine everything very carefully.

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Communication has become indispensable in this world. The Postal Cards ate part of this.
On 1 January 1871
the first Belgian Postal Card was edited with an allegoric illustration.
Up till now there exist Ī 6.000 "different Postal Cards", to find all of them means a great thing to collectors, especially because it isnít easy. " Different Postal Cards" doesnít mean that it is a whole new Postal Card. Often the difference is only a "stripe" or a "letter" or a shifting. These differences often come into existence in the different press plates witch were used or because of a restoration on them.
Because of the diligent work of
The Union , we now have a catalogue at our disposal, that means a guide(book) for everybody.
Some characteristic features:

Yellow Postal Cards are destined and stamped for the domestic post. They may be sent abroad unless they are stamped again.
Blue postcards are destined and stamped for international mail. In 1948 the aerogramme was added to this.

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