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The Postal Stationerys


Since the issue of the first Belgian Postal Card their now exist ± 6.000 various Postal Cards. You understand that it is a challenge for the real collector, to collect all of them. The search of trading fairs, scouting the auctions at home and abroad, makes it often a real lifes-work.
Of course we mustn't forget the financial aspect that comes peeping around the corner. The value of every Postal Card is a game of supply and demand.

It's as with all the other collection objects: something that is rare and desired by many, can cost lots of money. It is this adrenaline that forces the prices in the auction-rooms up until an unknown height.

This webpage shows you that collecting Postal Cards also has its charms. They are not as delicate as stamps. Here you don't need a pair of tweezers and you can't damage the perforation. The real searchwork still gets a chance here; if you have the money, you can buy every stamp from number 1 till the last issue tomorrow. But it's not so easy with the Postal Cards, they still demand searching and collecting.

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