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I'm a Belgian coin collector.

I collect coins just for fun, not for the value of the coins. What I expect from this hobby is to dream about other countries, other times and the people who are living there. I collect mainly 20th Century coins, from every country of the world.

I would be happy to share experience and to swap coins with you. If you want to swap coins, please take a look at my list of duplicates.

I also have some coins to sell on eBay.

Swapping coins with people from every country on the world is now possible. You'll find here a list of coin collectors with whom I swapped coins these last years. And for the new collectors among you, I compiled a list of coin collector beginners.

And unfortunately, I had also to compile a list of bad and cheating collectors. Please consult those lists before you swap.

There are many coin sites on the web. Most of them are commercial sites, where you can buy or sell coins. But the most interesting sites are the non-profit ones, usually managed by collectors as you and me. So, don't forget to check my list of interesting coin links

Have a look at the history of the Euro coins, which have been issued on January 1, 2002 and spread very fast in the 12 countries.

If you've have many coins, and don't want to buy expensive plastic albums, see how to make an inexpensive coin cabinet in wood.

HELP : can you please help me identify those strange coins ?

Philippe Malarme - Belgium -
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