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Pointers to home pages and projects concerning genealogy in the Benelux

  • The homepage of Familiekunde Vlaanderen.
  • The homepage of Familiekunde Vlaanderen regio Land van Waas.
  • The home page of Geneanet
  • The home page of the project Digitale Bronbewerkingen Nederland en BelgiŽ

  • FAQ  Genealogie BeNeLux FAQ  Genealogie BeNeLux
  • Locally developed documents

  • List of place names in
  • Beveren-Waas, Prisons 1857.
  • Chapter 6 of the Code Napoleon (with translation) regarding "The respective rights and duties of the spouses".
  • Interesting books regarding genealogic issues.
  • Vlassenbroek, Family-reconstruction (view with Adobe Acrobat Reader)
  • My own genealogic research

  • Does someone know the family HEBBINCKHAUS?
  • I need some info about the family SCHAUWERS in Assenede (B).
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