Pim Tuyls

 Position Pim Tuyls works at the Nat.Lab in Eindhoven , the main research                  laboratory of Philips. For more than two years he heads a cluster in applied  cryptography.                                                                                                     
Research Interests General: Cryptography, Information Theory, Quantum Information theory 

In Particular:

  • Secure Biometrics (Privacy Protection)
  • Secure Multiparty Computation: Privacy e.g. Secure Profile Matching
  • Physical Uncloneable Functions (PUFs)
  • Quantum Crypto:
    • Quantum Secret Sharing
    • Quantum Key Exchange
    • Quantum Bit Commitment


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  • In Dec 2002, I gave a course on Quantum Cryptography at the TUE in Eindhoven. The notes of this course will be here available soon.
Contributions on Conferences
Program Committee Member: 
  • Benelux Symposium on Information Theory 2003, 
  • MidWinter Symposium On Information Theory 2004.

Conference Contributions:

  • ISIT 2002, ISIT 2003
  • Benelux Symposium on Information Theory 2003
  • AVBPA 2003
  • Conference on Pervasive Computing 2003, Boppard Germany
  • WIC 2004, pdf-file.
  • Leuven 28 Jan 2004, abstracts, pdf-file1, pdf-file2.

Prof Holstlaan 4,


5656 AA Eindhoven, The Netherlands

email adress: look in one of the papers here available