Welcome to my website dedicated to all the dogs I was so lucky to share my life with.

Never I will forget my dogs, they were all so beautiful and all had such unique characters, which made every one of them so very special.

As so many stories start, mine starts with: Once upon a time, there was a little girl who dreamed of.... a dog! My first dog Diane came into my life when I was 9 years old, she became my first best friend, and also my first big loss when she died.

Of all my dogs my favorite always has been my Leonberger Mouchka, the friendship between her and me was nearly human. That is why I gave my Mouchka the honor to be on the frontpage of my website, she deserves it. The beautiful painting in oil on canvas of Mouchka has been made by my very best friend Richard Thyssens.

We all know, that small breeds live longer than large breeds. Exceptions are always there and I was lucky that my Leonberger "Hulck" reached the age of 7.5 years and his daughter Mouchka even became 8 years old, while I hear now from people, that many large breeds do not get that old anymore. Schango became nearly 11 years old, as well as my Bichon Frisé "Unique".

In loving memory of:

the Dalmatien dog Diane
the Scottish Shephard Nico
the Golden Retriever Schango Canrose
the Leonberger Hulck Parc de la Tombelle
the Leonberger Mouchka Von Jüngen Hoffnüng
the Berner Sennenhund Porthos Van t’Ballaershof
the Bichon Frise Thé-Unique From Little Bips.

With this website I try to reflect the beautiful years that I have had with my sweet dogs, from my early youth until the autumn of my life.

Now that I am older, the more and more I realize what I have lost. My dogs, true honest friends, friends who listen to you and whom you can tell everything... You can tell your dog your deepest thoughts and secrets, knowing they will be safe with him. In times of sorrow your dog is the first one who understands, and he will comfort you in his way. And what does this true friend ask in return? Nearly nothing... just being with you, to be hugged, and to get some food. I do miss them so, my dogs. I miss their faithful eyes, their coat, the walks on the beach and in the woods. The living room stays so neat and clean, now that my dogs are not there anymore, far much too clean. I feel so sorry that their life is so short, compared to ours.

But life goes on, and all I can do is treasure the beautiful memories. I like watching my website, my photo albums, the video that is dedicated to my dogs, as they keep the memories to my beloved dogs. The years with my dogs were like fairy tales, and in my heart they all have the warmest place.

Lory Maximus

Belgium, May 2003 last updated September 2006

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