Find here science essays written in the style of Isaac Asimov.   They were posted to newsgroups... and fairly well received.

In the 21st century, when men from Earth will be living on Mars...  how will they measure time for their daily life ?

Astronomy : The Fortieth of July

... and if this made you want to read about Mars calendars, click here for more, much more.

So you thought there was nothing new to say about Mendeleev's Periodic Table ?  Wrong !

Chemistry : One, two, three... ium !

... and if this made you curious of Donald Wandrei's Blinding Shadows, click here or here to read it.

ASCII, EBCDIC, Unicode and such... what's that all about ?

Encoding : Curious ? Just ASCII !

Hmmm... you'll have to wait till 2002 to read this one, I'm afraid.