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Tiger Force Team - 49K

The original plans for Tiger Force, presented to the public in 1988, were that there would be the following six team members (vehicle drivers excluded) : Recondo (1), Duke (2), Lifeline (3), Sabretooth (4), Dusty (5) and Rip Cord (6). Eventually these plans were changed, but above you can see a very unclear picture of this original team, that nevertheless did appear in a toy advertisement. Of these six figures, Sabretooth and Rip Cord were never produced, and the appearance of Recondo was changed, but this image gives us an impression of what they would have looked like.

The picture above formed the source of inspiration for the custom Tiger Force Rip Cord figure that you can see on this page, and for the custom Tiger Force Sabretooth on this page. And the unproduced version of Recondo can be seen much more clearly on this page.

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