The terrorist organization of Cobra was founded by a failed businessman who blamed all his troubles on the government and on society as a whole. He called himself Cobra Commander, and gathered a group of fellow miscontents around him. He managed to convince them that they would conquer the world and create their own society, one were they would rule. Cobra was born.

The beginning

Cobra Soldiers Cobra started out modest, acquiring money through fraud and small crime, but it grew fast. Cobra Commander came across a town, Springfield, that was in the middle of a deep economic depression, and he converted it with all its citizens into a Cobra town. Springfield would be Cobra's base of operations for the coming years. By 1982 Cobra had evolved into an international organization. It had a strong military arm of Cobra Soldiers with competent leaders, such as the Baroness and the mercenary Major Bludd. Its agents had spread throughout the third world, using bribery and terrorism to create Cobra footholds.

More individuals joined Cobra : the arms dealer Destro, the mercenary Zartan and his gang of Dreadnoks, and Dr Mindbender with his army of Battle Android Troopers or B.A.T.s. There was also a legal branch to the forces of Cobra, a contingent of cunning lawyers who were elite shock troops at the same time, known as the Crimson Guard. The twin soldiers of fortune Tomax and Xamot joined Cobra to lead the Crimson Guard. When Cobra took possession of a newly formed volcanic island in the Gulf of Mexico, it were Cobra's lawyers who made the occupation legal. Cobra now had land of its own, dubbed Cobra Island. More units were formed within the Cobra army : the Vipers, the Snow Serpents, and more.

The rise of Serpentor

As Cobra grew, the first real problems began to appear. There had already been some internal competition, but now Dr Mindbender had, through genetic manipulation, created what should have been the perfect Cobra soldier, Serpentor. Serpentor Then Springfield was invaded by G.I.Joe, an anti-terrorist unit with the fight against Cobra as their primary mission. During the evacuation of the town, Serpentor proved to have a talent for leadership and he gained the trust of the Cobra troops. Not long after that, Cobra Commander went missing during an attack on G.I.Joe headquarters, and Destro left Cobra. Serpentor now took full control as Cobra Emperor, and brought Cobra into the international arms market. This caused Destro and his army of Iron Grenadiers to take up arms against Cobra.

In the mean time a man claming to be Cobra Commander arrived on Cobra Island. In reality he was Fred VII, a Crimson Guardsman who had shot the real Cobra Commander and left him for dead. It wasn't long before the rivalry between Serpentor and this new Commander erupted in a civil war on Cobra Island. Dr Mindbender with his B.A.T.s and the Crimson Guard under Tomax and Xamot joined forces with Serpentor, against the faction loyal to Cobra Commander and the Baroness. Even Destro invaded the Island and mingled in the fighting, as did G.I.Joe. When defeat for the Commander's troops was imminent, Zartan succeeded in killing Serpentor. Dr Mindbender immediately struck a deal with Fred, and surrendered his faction, ending the war.

Fred VII


The fake Cobra Commander had strict control again, and Cobra business continued as usual. After a while he decided to go after Destro. He let Tomax and Xamot attack Castle Destro in Scotland, but the Iron Grenadiers defeated them. Destro then revealed to Fred that he knew he was an impostor, and blackmailed him into joining Cobra and the Iron Grenadiers together. Now Destro was in command of Cobra.

But soon after, the real Cobra Commander returned. He had survived the gunshot wound, and now returned to Cobra Island together with a group of loyal Crimson Guards. He ordered a whole bunch of Cobra officers to be executed for treason, accusing them of helping the impostor. Of the Cobras that were sentenced to death, only Zartan and the assassin known as Firefly survived, the latter through the use of a group of reprogrammed B.A.T.s.


The return of the original Cobra Commander marked the beginning of a new expansion of Cobra. First Cobra turned the town of Millville into a second Springfield by brainwashing the entire population. Then the top-secret legion of Nightcreepers, expert mercenary spies, joined the ranks of Cobra. Next Cobra invaded the Middle Eastern nation of Benzheen, gaining great profits when the emir of Benzheen bought them off. After this, Castle Destro was stormed and taken, and Cobra secured its foothold in the town called Broca Beach by eliminating the Headman. The newly improved B.A.T. version was put into use, and Cobra Commander abandoned the not longer useful Cobra Island. Cobra also conquered Destro's Silent Castle in Trans-Carpathia, and it continued to make more money through various devious schemes worldwide.

It wasn't all victories for Cobra though. Cobra's infiltration of Millville was discovered, and for the second time Cobra had to evacuate a town under attack by G.I.Joe. And during the fighting in Millville, Destro retook the Silent Castle from Cobra. But these were minor losses compared to the latest profits, and Cobra simply continued on its élan. Cobra Commander's next targets were some small nations in Eastern Europe, including Trans-Carpathia and Borovia, a country east of Austria. After being in control of Borovia for a short while, it was lost again, but in the process Destro, Zartan and the Baroness were captured and brainwashed, as was the Commander's former bodyguard Storm Shadow. Cobra was now larger than ever, and the original members of Cobra Command were back at Cobra Commander's side. It looked like nothing could stop Cobra anymore.


It turned out different. In 1994, Cobra suffered an attack on all fronts, and its forces were defeated. Cobra Island was seized by an international strike force, Cobra Command was scattered, its members were captured or became international fugitives. Cobra Commander went into hiding, and his brainwashed aides escaped and went their own ways. Only Storm Shadow remained under the Commander's control and at his side.

But this was not the end...