About The B.A.T.'s Lair

The how, why and what about the Cobra Battle Android Trooper's very own website.

How can I be reached ?

The B.A.T.'s Lair is part of PeterDB.net, my personal website about things I find interesting. Feel free to leave a message in the PeterDB.net Guestbook or to contact me directly. There's also another G.I.Joe-related website in PeterDB.net : Tiger Force Headquarters.

Why am I doing this ?

It all started back in the eighties. My first encounter with G.I.Joe was on television. The cartoon was top notch : action-packed adventures, dramatic storylines, and animation among the best of what that era of violent cartoons (Transformers, Mask, Visionaries, He-Man, ...) had to offer. But what really pulled me in was this toy catalog. Brilliantly formatted as short comic-like photo stories, it really brought the characters to life. I was instantly converted to fandom of G.I.Joe, the International Hero.

By the time I discovered G.I.Joe was merely a Real American Hero, it was too late. I was already hooked on the peculiar mix of realistic military look with futuristic science-fiction themes. Later, the cartoon vanished from the air and the action figures from the store shelves, but I always maintained a certain interest in the toys, not in the least because they kept showing up at local flea markets.

Then the Internet came along, with inspiring websites like JMM's and the late Zartan's Domain. It wasn't long before my childhood G.I.Joe collection became the subject of a section of my own personal website. The B.A.T.'s Lair was born in 1997 and, as you can see, it's still online.

Why the focus on the comic instead of the cartoon ?

Well, first of all, being a toy collector, I actually focus on the toys. All content on The B.A.T.'s Lair and Tiger Force Headquarters is just a framework for putting the toy photos in. Now, the G.I.Joe action figure filecards do share more continuity with the comics than with the cartoons. Therefore, this website follows the storylines of the classic Marvel and Devil's Due comic continuity. Also, the comics put more emphasis on the military aspect, which is an important part of what pulled me into G.I.Joe in the first place.

What about the new IDW comic and new sculpt action figures ?

This is foremost a nostalgia site. The main Marvel and Devil's Due comics continuity has a place in that, the attempts to erase those classic storylines do not. So you won't find G.I.Joe Extreme here, nor G.I.Joe Reloaded, nor the latest G.I.Joe reboot by IDW.

Likewise, the pictures on this website show only classic figure sculpts, be it vintage figures or newer tribute figures like comic packs or troop builder packs. No G.I.Joe vs Cobra sculpts, no DTC and no 25th Anniversary.

Why such a static website ? No blog ? No CMS ?

I don't have the time to maintain a truly dynamic site with lots of updates. So, since the contents of this site will be mainly static, I prefer the format to be static as well, to avoid needless work.