My acoustic guitar sessions

acoustic guitar by Paddy

Hi and welcome,

I'm paddy (belgium) and I still like the sound of my acoustic guitar every now and then. I've never been to any school and so I just improvised most off the time. When I liked a tune I could only record it so I remembered how I played it. But all off that didn't help. I never played all that stuff again. And for that I got a lot of quick and unfinished recordings left. Listen here to some of my recordings since 1990 and you can watch some great guitar music video's.

How did I record this?
On a computer with a platinum creative soundblaster soundcard. I don't know why these names get so long. But anywhoo... great soundcard. I got it +/- 10 years now and it's still all good. The software I use for a quick recording is "cool edit". Best software around for a experimenting guitar player like myself and so it's great for any other kind of quick acoustic recording. Adobe owns cool edit now and called it something else. I tried cubase from steinberg. But that's just too much computer and less music. Good for the midi and other complex composer. These samples below are played with one guitar bouncing on serveral tracks. For some I used a drumsample or even a groove box mc 505 Roland. I saved these files in wma and mp3 with less kbps or low quality for the internet. I even cut these samples to 2 minutes each so everyone can hear these recording without waiting too long.
Paddy's recording samples
Improvised one Crazy Jam Improvised in G
Organ drum & guitar    
With or without you Wrong Day Message in a bottle
love comes to town Song 1999 Blues
lee hooker blues little wing 1998 sweet child of mine
a little funky Caruso (1994) Funky Jam
D in the bass stairway to heaven (old days) Latino influendo
Maria (for No surrender-2006) groovebox mc 505 piano ('96) Improvised 1994
Improvised (2000) mindtraining(crazy monk sample) Slow & blue (a lot of reverb) 1997
Groovebox vibes('95) House & guitar (1996) Guitar acoustic one 2003
Bad hair day Jam Little wing 2005 a bit trippy (1998)
Fly my to the moon (1996) techno fase (1994) the scientist (guitar & piano)
eazy on piano (1995) blues improvised (1998) spacy blues (1996)
Do you have a recording of your jam session?
Great, I would love to hear them. If it's your band or your own improvisation. It doesn't matter. You can send it to me, send me a link to your website or send a sample to my email adress :
Don't forget to zip it as .zip or .rar. Just don't send me a virus or a sales talk.
Music Video's
Paco De Lucia, John Mclaughlin y Al Di Meola - Mediterranean
Impossible guitar
Tommy Emmanuel - Guitar Boogie
Edgar Cruz - Bohemian Rhapsody (classical guitar)
Radiohead Fadeout
John Mayer - Neon (acoustic)
John Mayer - S.O.S. Cover (Message in a Bottle)
U2 - Staring at the Sun (acoustic)
Chris Cornell - Billie jean (acoustic live)
Stairway to Heaven live (Rodrigo y Gabriela)
Rodrigo Y Gabriela Live! "Tamacun"
Athlete - Wires
Athlete - Tourist - T in the Park, Scotland 2005
Jimi Hendrix - Beat Club London 1967 - Hey Joe
Nice Acoustic Guitar Tapping
Erik Mongrain another great guitar player!!!
Jazz Guitar Video compilation
Tuck and Patti - Castles Made of Sand / Little Wing Medley
Tuck Andress Unleashed!
Pink Floyd - Mother
Great guitar player from portugal
Scorpions - Holiday (Acoustic)
Robert Plant: Big Log
Paco de Lucia (old days)
john mclaughlin paco de lucia larry coryell
Old guy playing with hands and a teaspoon in his mouth
Da Old Days
John Lee Hooker singing on the BBC's The Beat Room, 1964.
John Lee Hooker 1969 - It Serves Me Right to Suffer
Skip James - Soul Of A Man - Pt.1

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