Nice to have you for a visit. My name is Luc Vandermaelen, I’m borned on the 4th of January 1967 and I live in Aarschot (Belgium). I’m married since 1990 with Els en I have 2 children, Nymfa and Tirsa.

Since 1999 I’m a fire-fighter at the voluntary fire-department of Aarschot, my great passion. The result of this is my hobby : collecting firepatches from all over the world.

Our fire-department is a voluntary department and is started in 1889. Our department is leaded by professional Commander J. Lambrechts and is compound by 1 professional sergeant and 44 voluntary fire-fighters :
2 lieutenants
1 adjunct-chief
2 first-sergeants
5 corporals
33 fire-fighters

Our fire-department is fraternized with the voluntary fire-department of Piesport in Germany.

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