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How do we work?

It may be that we just arrive on your doorstep because we regularly call in on work places we know. We are also actively on the lookout for new work places or work places that we are not yet familiar with. We phone or drop in and offer to tell you about our services.  There are usually two of us, a nurse and a doctor.

You can also contact us yourself and ask us to call. We will then certainly plan to visit during one of our rounds. Blood tests and other examinations such as a smear test can be done during our rounds, obviously in a professional and descreet way. We see everyone separately and everything that is said and done remains private between us. Some time later we return with the results and these are also discussed only with the person concerned. We pay great attention to confidentiality.

We have been working this way since 1990 and nearly all the men and women we have met have been happy with the service. This is also the reason we carry on. However, we are not there to replace your own doctor. We usually can’t come immediately if you phone us with a serious health problem. Our work is mainly prevention  and we do routine testing that we organise per district. We also try and limit our involvement to problems related to your work. This does not mean that you can’t phone us with an urgent problem. We will always offer advice and if necessary refer you to someone else.

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